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BodyTalk Fundamentals Integrative

Pratice BuildingPre-requisite for the class:  BodyTalk Fundamentals and IBA Membership

This workshop was developed to review the material covered in BodyTalk Fundamentals and offers tools to build and strengthen a health care practice.  It is also an exceptional opportunity to review the principals to prepare a student to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. ‘CBP’.

This course is conducted by IBA instructors to review key elements and help BodyTalk practitioners refine and expand their professional skills. It is offered as an opportunity to address issues that have come up during actual practice time and to learn further details of subjects taught in the actual Modules. .

The Instructor brings in their training and expertise to the mix and covers an extensive review of techniques streamlines the ease in practice of the BodyTalk System: 

  • More on Body Chemistry, Meridians, and Body Energies.
  • Deeper understanding of working the appendices: Organs, Endocrines and Body Parts.
  • Excel in Client care: refining intake and follow up and developing case studies.
  • Greater understanding to utilize what the IBA has to offer its member
  • Ample ‘hands on’ personal healing through giving and receiving full BodyTalk sessions.
  • Integrating BodyTalk into other modalities in your health care practice
  • Discussions & exercises to build a successful health care practice.
  • Answering all your questions
  • And more


  • It is suggested that students have new editions of (1) Advanced Procedure – and (2) NEW BodyTalk Fundamentals manuals available from the IBA. 
  • Student may make an appointment to sit the Certification Exam prior to the workshop.

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