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BodyTalk:  Principles of Consciousness (Formerly M-3)  

Available to IBA members only.

This course is vital in advanced BodyTalk studies as it underlies the philosophy of the System. Explaining how to apply it in a practical way, the following elements are addressed.

  • Links: a detailed review of the linking system of BodyTalk.
  • Definitions: a study of the theory and practical application of 'Defining the Links’.
  • Five senses: balancing the physical and subtle five senses within the BodyTalk System.
  • Basic Consciousness: utilizing innate wisdom to identify links that non-invasively and safely heal beliefs, attitudes, and states of awareness on all levels.
  • Advanced consciousness: balancing right/left brain complex to reach inner states of peace and harmony in personal and spiritual growth.
  • Concepts: space/time, guilt, separation, individuation, the true nature, the 'essential' nature, masks, and habitual thinking patterns,
    BodyTalk Fundamentals as well as the purchase of BodyTalk Advanced Procedures DVD are pre-requisites.

This course counts for 16 hours of continuing education for Certified BodyTalk Practitioners' requirements.

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