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FreefallFreeFall 1: theory has evolved from the rich traditions and developments of psychotherapy, bioenergetics, and eastern tradition. Dr. John Veltheim expanded the principles to create an empowering and transformative workshop where the participant can experience, recognize and resolve body centered issues.

FreeFall participants explore SELF by stripping off the mask of coping. The “Coping Mask” is a matrix of fears, judgments, beliefs and behaviors that restrict an individual from embracing and loving life.  (16 CEUs)

FreeFall 2: (Prerequisite: FreeFall 1.)   This course is by application only; contact instructor for interview) FreeFall 2 further pushes the exploration of healthy human intimacy and the “naked truth” of our humanness. This in-depth course challenges you to address the coping mechanisms which support conditioning and distorts your body’s unique expression. You learn to bridge this chasm, explore the nature of specific brain areas and hormonal expression, challenge the belief systems around sexuality, sensuality and control, and strengthen the conscious connection to your most intimate relationship –with the SELF.  (21 CEUs for CBP requirements)

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