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Mindscape: (no prerequisites) Developing the intuition.  The principle of MindScape is a simple but highly effective one. There is a particular state of mind, the alpha state (a state discernible experientially, as well as quantitatively using EEG) that is more conducive to creativity and intuition than others. Renowned geniuses and inventors such as Edison, Tesla, Einstein, Mozart and others have been known to use their own, often crude, ways of accessing this state, in order to originate creative ideas. Today, a MindScape weekend workshop is the easiest way to acquire these abilities for life. There are also distinct advantages. Firstly, it provides the participant with a way of tapping into this state at will. Moreover, it creates parameters that enable one to open new horizons that he or she never thought possible. During the weekend, participants are led into a deep state of alpha – deeper than that normally accessed in daily life. While in this altered state, a ‘workshop’ is constructed in their mind, a specially designed structure – the Alpha mind - that provides an effective framework for an astounding variety of techniques.  (16 CEUs for CBPs)

A MULTITUDE OF USE The benefits and uses of MindScape are many. Among the most well-known are:

  • Enhancing creativity and balanced thinking
  • Providing an interactive link with the subconscious, and hence opening vast possibilities for self-discovery and   personal development
  • Providing a very powerful method for visualizing and manifesting affirmations and goals
  • Acting as a mind-body interface, as utilized by top athletes for their mental training
  • Heightening the powers of intuition to the extent that they can transcend normal boundaries
  • Training the imagination, as well as relaxing and helping to de-stress both the mind and the body

Needless to say, these are highly advantageous benefits to everyone, particularly in view of one over-riding fact – they work very effectively. The MindScape workshop has opened vast new horizons for countless people around the world, from all walks of life, from students and housewives to psychologists and top executives In a time when our technological progress continues to diminish how much of our mind’s resources we use, MindScape is a superb way of unlocking the potential of our mind and using it to enhance our life and our work in so many ways.

MindScape for BodyTalkers: (Prerequisites: BodyTalk Fundamentals, MindScape and IBA Standard Membership or Life Science Membership.)  Open new levels of awareness for any proficiency or level of experience by gaining a deeper and more practical relationship with your intuitive language style. You gain confidence to facilitate a BodyTalk session and interpret intuitive information through hands on learning to facilitate and receive MindScape style BodyTalk sessions. (18 CEU’s CBP requirements)

MindScape for Business: (Prerequisites: MindScape and IBA Standard Membership or Life Science Membership.)   Open new levels of awareness to develop sound decision making and enhance creativity in your business and business relationships. Shift your perspective and gain momentum for success with clients, staff, peers, leaders, productivity, niche refinement and market interactions.  (16 CEUs for CBP requirements)

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