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Advanced Level (PaRama College Units 1-2)
In these advanced levels, the BodyTalk practitioner explores to a much greater depth the functioning of bodymind in relation with specific body parts. The procedures are greatly expanded to incorporate tools for developing advanced energy formulas to address the more complicated imbalances within the body.
The advanced procedures include the concepts of time and space variables, recurring formulas, the three Gunas, concepts of Vedic medicine, and three- and four-dimensional formula building. This area of the BodyTalk System is still under active development and is expanding rapidly into many specialty healthcare fields, animal and plant care, matrix integration, and social and cultural welfare.

Course subjects include:

  • The five levels of the mind
  • The quadriune brain interrelationship
  • Detailed analysis of very specific parts of the brain that includes a study of the physiology as well as the consciousness function of each part. At this level, the student is combining the knowledge of state of the art neuro-physiology with psychology, philosophy, and many ancient Vedic and Kabbalah texts.
  • The energetic physiology of the cell
  • DNA/RNA structure
  • Specific biochemical processes
  • The ‘Breakthrough System’ for analyzing beliefs, attitudes, and concepts
  • The investigation of paradox

PaRama BodyTalk Unit 1 Practical (prerequisite)   Designed for those who have completed the PaRama Unit One course, the instructor extensively elaborates and demonstrates many principles and their practical use. On completion of the course, the participant will receive a PaRama Unit 1 Certificate of Completion, entitling them to proceed to Unit 2 and any other advanced PaRama workshops.  (28 CEUs CBP requirements)

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