What Our Students and New Access Technicians Are Sharing:

Cherie Carpenter, Access Trainer – Cherie’s Bio

“Many people notice significant changes in their wellbeing, less pain, more energy, relaxed, creative, and more youthful in appearance.”  …. Cherie

Thanks for the informative course a few weeks ago. I have used other bodymind systems in the past and I find that the Body Talk Access program is very thorough, meditative and effective.  Three weeks have gone by and I feel my health, which is good to begin with, has improved and my stress levels have reduced. I definitely will continue to use access and I have been telling my friends and family and can only hope that they'll learn the system sooner than later. Thanks again!   Gary D

Just a quick note to let you know that I have been using BodyTalk almost daily…  Today my Daughter came to me with a cough that was leading to a more serious illness, pneumonia.  I used Bodytalk on her and her cough stop.  Before I was even done she said  "Mom, I don't even feel like coughing anymore” Thank you for teaching me how to help my kids.
*On a side note.  My cat was being a Royal pain in the butt, all day.  He sat on my Daughters lap while I did BodyTalk Access techniques, and now is fast asleep.

It was a pleasure meeting you also! I really enjoyed the class, largely because of your enthusiasm, expertise and humor.

I had a really incredible positive shift in my digestive pain the day after the class, and I am certain that all of the practicing of ACCESS can account for this. I have started my 21 day challenge and cannot wait to see further progress!  Have a wonderful day, and thanks again for making the class so meaningful.   Sincerely, Trish

Wonderful!    I am very glad I went to the Access Workshop.... loved it, loved the day,   and you have a wonderful energy/presence as an instructor.   I felt great all week, all aches and pains gone..... hmmm.  :)    I will certainly add this to my daily self-care.

Mark had been to the doctor and had a significant decrease in his eye pressure related to glaucoma. He was funny though and said he will wait for the next reading because someone new did the measurements and he wondered if they made a mistake. I said of course they didn't make a mistake. He is still going to keep up the Access!

Today I am feeling more energy than I have had for a month!   Thank you!!


I went for a lovely walk in the 6 degree temp. This morning just because I could!
Bum is feeling more like itself. More integration to happen I am sure.
Did I mention thank you?  K

Don't know quite how you really did it but my sinuses and breathing today is so much better. Thank you so much.
I will tell you that since doing Access, the first thing I noticed was improved respiratory health.  Although I never found air exchange difficult it suddenly seemed more complete.  I also think that I have somewhat less anxiety and that indeed my Practitioners sessions seem more profound.  I also think that has been a little digestive improvement.  I look forward to this journey and feel empowered.
Got home a little while ago...feeling light and happy...unburdened!  Thank you  :)

Diannah Benson, Access Trainer – Diannah’s Bio

“Poor health is an indication that the body’s innate ability to heal and maintain synchronicity is compromised due to imbalances caused by stresses from daily living. BodyTalk Access helps.”
…. Diannah

Thought you might be interested in what happened the other night when I burned my hand.

I picked up a metal handled fry pan that had just come out of the oven with my right hand.  Felt the burn right away and dropped the pan and immediately put my hand in cold water.  I started to do Reiki on it but it increased the burning feeling so I got my BodyTalk Access book out and started to do the cortices but my hand hurt too much so I figured out what the reciprocals were - bottom of my left foot to the palm of my right hand.  Did the tapping for on and off for about an hour.  The pain disappeared and there is no blistering.  The finger tips on my middle two fingers were red and somewhat tender and you could see where I had picked up the pan but no pain.  Next morning the fingertips were still a little red, but no pain.  Two days later there is no evidence of the burn.     Very impressed.

 Hi Diannah, can't believe the difference it makes.  I have been doing the cortices each night, but I actually fell asleep one night while I was in the middle of doing them, so Mom says I missed a day. Even my boss has noticed a difference, wants to know what drugs I am taking.  Stress is still around, but it is like I am in a bubble and it is bouncing back off.  Getting more work done, more efficiently.   Loads of thanks!

Diannah,    I am pleased with the results from taking your BodyTalk Access course. 
After completing the Wellness Challenge, these were the changes I noticed.
The second or third time tapping the 5 steps, my TMJ joint on the right side gave a loud cracking sound and seconds later my neck on the right side gave a few cracking sounds as I turned to the left.  I had had extensive dental work on that side a few years ago and it never felt level - and now it feels normal and there is more flexibility.
My posture has improved and there is more flexibility and I notice this in walking (more graceful).
Tapping your cortices before studying or reading something challenging really improves your focusing your more alert.  I am a tapper for life!

Christine Barrie, Access Trainer – Christine’s Bio

“The BodyTalk Access students who attend my one day class report that they feel more energy, more mental clarity, better immunity, stronger muscles bones & joints and better digestion. Some even report that they feel and look younger! It's an amazing one day investment that yields a lifetime of payback!
Students who later attend the BodyTalk Fundamentals class feel that is was a great introduction to the comprehensive BodyTalk system.
Other students who attend BodyTalk Access after BodyTalk Fundamentals have reported that it helped them understand the BodyTalk system in a better way and gave them daily tools to integrate all the class information and access healing daily.”

Dave Huff, Access Trainer – Dave’s Bio

“Take a moment to imagine how the relationships in your life would be different and how your performance could improve if you woke up every morning just feeling great!. David has and he wishes the same for you.”   …. Dave

Tracey Clark, Access Trainer – Tracey’s Bio

“I see an incredible potential for the use of BodyTalk and its techniques in the industry of sports and performance. I help clients to reach their full potential as athletes, artists and, most importantly, as unique individuals!  Now I can introduce them to 5 extremely valuable techniques they can use to help themselves and others”  …. Tracey

Brenda Nykyforiak, Access Trainer

 “Ideally, anyone can take their health to a new level with BodyTalk Access.  BodyTalk stimulates the body heal itself naturally, just as it is meant to.”  …. Brenda