BodyTalk for Animals

The benefits of BodyTalk specifically designed for animals.

Exposure to stress can lead to disease and malfunctioning within our body and within an animal's body. The understanding that animals need their own type of BodyTalk inspired the evolution of BodyTalk for Animals.

The bonds between humans and animals have always run deep. Many animals take on the physical, emotional and energetic stresses of their human companions on this wondrous planet we cohabitate. This course is designed for both professional animal health care providers and individuals who want to accelerate the physical healing of our honorable and beloved animal friends.
BodyTalk for Animals focuses on reconnecting the animal to its ultimate health. You can enhance your unique understanding and bonding with animals when you learn how to help them reduce stress and anxiety. Not surprisingly, many students report feeling a greater sense of well-being following the BodyTalk for Animals course as well.

BodyTalk Access for Animals

BodyTalk Access for Animals offers training in basic techniques of the BodyTalk System that can be successfully applied to animals to complement valuable veterinary care.  Energy-based practices you learn in this one-and-a-half-day course are gentle, safe and non-invasive. Immediately create a greater sense of peace in your home when you address the daily physical, emotional and behavioral health challenges of your companion animals. Licensed animal health care professionals who take this course seamlessly integrate the BodyTalk Access for Animals techniques into their clinical practices. They consistently report unexpected, rewarding and beneficial outcomes.