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Clients of: Diannah Benson, CBP - Diannah's, Bio

* I feel lighter then when I came in. That’s amazing.

* I am calmer now and have a better understanding of why I reacted like I did. Think I can go home and sleep now.

* Wow. That makes so much sense. It was what I did two years ago that has caused my periods to stop. My body was still trying to heal from the events back then. Now I know what I need to do to get back on track.

* I always have thought my job was to rescue people. I have always been like that. But last week I realized I couldn’t keep doing this – I was burning out, exhausted and not happy. Now I understand that I am doing what my mother did – trying to keep the in-laws happy while my dad and she lived with them while she was pregnant with me. She never thought she was good enough. And I see how I have lived my life like that too; always going the extra mile for people, but rarely getting energy back from the output. I can change this now that I understand.

* When I came along in the family everyone spoiled me and did everything for me. Now I find it hard to take responsibility for myself, because they have kept rescuing me whenever I got in to financial difficulties. Now they have decided to stop rescuing me and I don’t know how to stand on my own two feet and move forward. I am scared I will fail. Understanding that this issue goes back to the womb and the fact that my parents wanted a divorce while my mother was carrying me helps me to see why I have always felt insecure in relationships. I feel better able to process my fears now and get on with my life.

* I have always had difficulty expressing myself and communicating my thoughts. I didn’t think people were interested. And now I have thyroid issues and concerns. Since BodyTalk I find I am better able to speak my mind and people do listen. IN my family my father was always right, so our thoughts were not made important. I can see now why I thought people were not interested in my opinion. I don’t live with my father, so I don’t have to keep living my life as if he is next to me judging whatever I say. What a relief.

* Wow! I started out life as a twin in the womb? That makes so much sense to me when you said that. I cried for the first six months after I was born. I can never get close enough to people. I always feel something is missing in my life. And now I know. And BodyTalk is helping me to understand and shift some of my perceptions from the loss of my twin in the third month in the womb. It really is helping me to feel less anxiety – that I could never explain or understand until now.

Clients of: Christine Barrie, CBP – Christine’s Bio

My clients are sharing that they experience more joy in their life, a better sense of connection within themselves, less entanglement with lingering emotional patterns and more freedom to investigate their purpose in life.

My clients find that BodyTalk is fulfilling and calming.

Many physical ailments melt away such as aches and pains. I have had clients who lived with fibromyalgia, sleep disorders, and night terrors for decades find complete relief within 4 sessions or less.

I have successfully facilitated a client to integrate a new kidney after a kidney transplant.

One client had debilitating sharp momentary phantom knee pain hourly for 3 months that doctors, acupuncturists and chiropractors could not explain or treat that completely disappeared in one BodyTalk session!

Most of all my clients feel share their lives are improving and they are becoming a better version of themselves!

Clients of: Sonja Carr, Practitioner in Training

I have some good news to share.... one of my regular clients has been coming for BodyTalk/Reiki combo sessions for a few months (he comes about once a week). He started coming after being diagnosed with a recurrence of melanoma and was recovering from surgery to remove tumours on his leg. He also wanted some help managing the stress and side effects of the treatments.. In addition to Reiki/BodyTalk, he's been using some other natural therapies, as well as some more conventional treatments. He had recently signed up for a new drug trial that was being done out of Boston. Now it turns out that he probably is not eligible for the trial because in the last 6 weeks, his tumors have shrunk by 50%! So they are going to monitor him some more and just watch for now.. The doctors tell him they rarely see this kind of change and wanted to know what he had been doing. Of course, he is over the moon.

Just wanted to give you the latest update on my client who had melanoma. His latest scan results show no tumours or cancer anywhere. They don't even bother to scan his leg any more, which is where tumours were. Lymph nodes in the left groin have returned to normal size. He's still coming for BodyTalk sessions, although less frequently, because he gets a lot out of them and figures it's good maintenance to continue coming.

Clients of: Cherie Carpenter, CBP – Cherie’s Bio

  • BodyTalk has helped me deal with pre-travel excitement/anxiety, relaxation while flying, and it helps me to enjoy my vacation. I feel that BodyTalk is a wonderful natural way to relieve my fear and anxiety of flying.
  • Don't know quite how you really did it but my sinuses and breathing today is so much better. Thank you so much.
  • We are very happy with our son's progress. Spoke with him last night and he sounded like his old self. We know that it will still be some time till he's 100% but he's in a good place right now. And for that we are very thankful.
  • I am feeling more rested and energized than I have felt in years.
  • My friends and family say I am looking years younger and much more relaxed.
  • This is the first year in over 20 years I have not experienced and allergy symptoms
  • Today I am feeling more energy than I have had for a month! Thank you!! I went for a lovely walk in the 6 degree temp. This morning just because I could. I am feeling more like itself. More integration to happen I am sure. Did I mention thank you?

Clients of: Paulette Johnson, RNCP, CBP

Just also wanted to give you an update on someone I was working on. She had severe cystitis for the last 2 years as well as cervical dysplasia…she was a bit worried about going back to the doctor for her biopsy. After 3 BodyTalk sessions, the pain and burning stopped and yesterday she had her biopsy done, they couldn’t find any abnormal cells. She and the doctor are both amazed. I am so happy for her. I also prayed a

Clients of: Sarah Nardella, RMT, CBP

I can't believe all the positive changes I have seen with myself and with my clients.

Clients of: Julia Laidlaw, CBP – Julia’s bio

Oh I have an awesome other story! I have a client that suffers from suicidal bouts of depression out of the blue. She was faced with losing her apartment which she loved and felt terrified and hopeless. The Finding Health 2 technique came up and manifested her a home. Not just a new apartment but her kids pooled their savings and bought her a house and her family and friends renovated it for her!

One man I saw about 10 times was feeling like he couldn't "get a break" as in some lucky breaks. This let me know that he was he was under the spell of "victim consciousness" that whispers in your ear that other people and circumstances determine the circumstances of your life. He was fearing that he was about to be fired from his job. In our last session he realized that he had brought about this circumstance and that he was responsible for the outcome. He chose to accept the firing so that he could pursue his dream of making music professionally and left my office beaming with joy and lightness.

*Many clients have moved past there view of themselves as victims and stepped into their knowledge that they create the circumstances of their lives through their choices and their beliefs about their worthiness.

Clients of: Lena Mascarin, RNCP, CBP – Lena’s bio


"For the longest time I have had such a hard time leaving the house. My phobia about leaving the house caused me severe stress and anxiety. It was an ordeal to go anywhere. I had one BodyTalk Session with Lena and this came up as a priority – a big surprise to me as I never mentioned this to her. When I came in for my second session I had totally forgotten about how hard it was for me to leave the house. I had left without all the anxiety and stress. WOW! It wasn’t until she pointed it out that I realized “Oh my gosh, I got ready and left the house and it was not a major ordeal anymore!” Amazing!!!! I am thrilled. Thank you Lena and BodyTalk."


"I started seeing Lena for my energy levels, and my hives which were very irritating with the changes in temperatures outside. I had two sessions with Lena and my Hives are almost all gone! WOW! My mind is clearer, my sleep is restful, I now sleep like a rock! And most of all I have more energy! I feel so much more balanced. BodyTalk is truly amazing.
Thank you, Lena!"


"I have had neck and arm pain for the last few months. I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and was going to seek medical
treatment for it. What I really wanted was something more holistic in its approach and so my sister suggested I go see Lena, a Certified
BodyTalk Practitioner to see if she could help me with this pain. I was a true skeptic at first when I went in, but after one session the neck
and arm pain was gone! It’s been 2 months now and no pain. I can finally sleep. Thank you, BodyTalk and Lena."


Hi Lena, I just wanted to thank you sooo much for the BodyTalk session I had with you. I cannot remember the last time I actually enjoyed a family outing. This time I was so calm and present, I had an amazing time at the concert and even at dinner and shopping today! My mom and brother both commented several times that it was like being with a different girl, I was really my usual happy and fun self. You gave me the gift of being able to enjoy my family again, and I can't put into words how grateful I am for your help! Thank you Lena


Dear Lena,
I want to thank you for all your help and support as my BodyTalk Practitioner. I have been coming to you for BodyTalk sessions for about 2 years now. I have many challenges I am dealing with including serious health issues and issues in my personal life. I am so grateful for each session because no matter what is going on you help me release the stress and find a better place of balance. When that is done I can live a healthier and lighter life.

Yes, I love BodyTalk for how it has helped me but really it is you as a practitioner that I am most grateful for. You are so knowledgeable and use your wisdom to help support me in my journey. Your big loving hugs help too.

You have also helped my teenage daughter tremendously. She was very sick with asthma when I first brought her to you. She was missing a lot of school and spending weeks on the couch. She was on all kinds of inhalers and antibiotics. After several sessions we were in your office booking her next appointment and she got very teary. When we asked her why she was crying she said, "I just realized I have not needed my inhalers for months now. I thought I was going to have to use them every day for the rest of my life. Now I am free from that." It was an incredible moment. My daughter and I now understand the power of energy therapies and especially BodyTalk for healing the body, mind and spirit. But again it was you as the practitioner that gained her confidence and trust and then used your vast skill and experience to help her reach that place. My daughter is also doing much better in school. Before BodyTalk her marks were not reflecting her true abilities. She was very frustrated. She is less stressed about her work and tests. She can express herself more easily and that is also showing up in her social life as well.

I am so grateful. I hope this helps others to take the step to go for BodyTalk sessions and to connect with you as their practitioner.


"Hi Lena, just to follow up after our last BodyTalk Session, I have to tell you that I have not had any further “heart palpitations.” 
I am feeling so much better. Thank you."


I have suffered from chronic sinus infections for the last 8 years of my daily life. I was so very frustrated and had a hard time breathing, the pressure and pain was unbearable sometimes I had one BodyTalk session with Lena and my 8 years of suffering is gone! Totally gone. It's truly unbelievable, actually a miracle. No more sinus infection, pressure or pain!! All of my symptoms are gone!
Thank you Lena and BodyTalk, this is truly a miracle.


I am a pregnant mother – 8months and due March 2010. My doctor discovered during a routine visit that my protein levels in my urine were beginning to climb. As toxemia is a concern for myself and the baby at this stage I soon became worried. Not only did my doctor express his concern but also advised that the testing that was done for the blood sugar levels indicated that they were too high!
I was surprised and my worries and fears began to surface.

I wanted to get the protein levels down and bring my blood sugar levels down also, as I knew this was not good for the
baby. I decided to see Lena my BodyTalk Practitioner and discussed this with her. I knew BodyTalk could help and asked her to address this through a session to help stabilize the protein levels in the urine and my blood sugar levels. I soon began my sessions with her – it only took two sessions. When I went back to the doctors to re-test, the protein levels in my urine were GONE and the blood sugar levels had stabilized significantly, almost normal! Wow! I am truly amazed at what BodyTalk can do! Thank you, Lena and BodyTalk.


Clients of: Tracey Clark, CBP – Tracey’s Bio

Hi Tracey,
A couple of sessions ago, my scar from my surgery came up and there was an area that there was a stitch that you had said was trying to make it's way out eventually that was being absorbed. This morning I had my doctor's appointment with the surgeon for my check up to look at the area that had been infected and was an open wound. Because of the infection there was an opening about the size of toonie in center of the incision, it has now been just over 2 months and it is almost closed up. When the doctor and the nurse looked at my scar, they could not believe the scar is flat and barely even red, especially the left side, the right side is still a little bit red. They also couldn't believe how my belly button scar looks almost normal. The most amazing part is the doctor looked into the opening (which is almost flush with my skin) and pulled out a stitch that was working it's way out. Cool???
Thanks again!

Entirely pain free after one treatment! I regained full range of movement, pain free. The practitioner listened to my concerns/details of current issue. She was empathetic and gentle in approach.
C. F.

After undergoing a year of radiation and chemotherapy, I was looking for a holistic therapy that would help minimize the residual effects of cancer treatment. BodyTalk helped restore my energy level and overall sense of well-being. The positive effects on my health became evident after only two sessions with Tracey. I had surgery under my arm and lymphedema or swelling of the arm is a common side effect. I decided to try lymphatic drainage as a preventative measure.
I am very happy with the results. There has been very little swelling and the mobility in my arm has improved as well. And Lymphatic drainage has improved my sinus congestion, which is a bonus!
R. M.

Clients of: Dave Huff, CBP, PaRama – Dave’s Bio

 Thank you! You helped me discover the true Renita.  Renita Reitz

Nolan (3 yr old who has been labelled Autistic) has improved overnight, eager to go to school, lots of smiles at kids and sat right on teachers lap, thank you. I hope you know how much we appreciate you.  Shann Hales

I poked around at my breast today (what a great opening line to an email) and that lump is GONE!!!!!!!! Heather Stanley

Thank you so much Dave! I had a lovely day yesterday and didn't really feel tired at all until bedtime. I feel lighter, happier somehow…less weighted down. I want to continue on this path & look forward to my next session in Feb. Thanks for the link to the Cortices tapping. I'll do it as recommended. Louise Bongers.

Thanks a million! Despite the increased cough, I feel like a person for the first time!  Karin Dietsch

Feeling great today.  Sheldon told me I looked beautiful last night...more than I had a glow about me or something!  Melanie Dielmann


Clients of: Janine Hutchinson, CBP – Janine’s Bio

  • My client exclaimed, after a Fast Aid session and a link to some emotion held in his back, in regards to his sore shoulder blade " I have lived with very limited arm motion and fairly significant shoulder blade pain for about 9 years, and here in 5 minutes, I feel instant relief and much improved mobility…how remarkable!" Ted L., Angus
  • A lady who was frustrated with the lack of diagnosis and relief for shortness of breath and dizziness found that BodyTalk pinpointed a reaction to a repeatedly inhaled household toxin was the cause of her problems. It was addressed in Body Chemistry and she is improving daily! Bev L., Barrie
  • Frozen shoulder be gone! This is what my client experienced with various Muscular/Skeletal work and attention to an emotion held at her rotator cuff. Teresa M., Barrie
  • Sleep returns! An 11 year old boy was experiencing much difficulty sleeping. After one BodyTalk session that identified a past memory issue, he sleeps "like a baby" again. Terry N., Barrie
  • Severe morning sickness was ruining her life! After one BodyTalk session that identified an emotion held by the father was cleared, mom is feeling fine! Isabelle P., Barrie

Clients of: Kathy Grzesik, CBP  - Kathy’s bio

"As a practitioner I find that kids respond to BodyTalk extremely well and quickly. You can almost see instant results in them. 

One of my patients, a 4-year-old boy, was brought for the session after couple of weeks of waking up during the night screaming (night terrors). From a short interview with mom it appeared that there was nothing really traumatic in his life to be the obvious culprit of his condition. The boy appeared happy and is a very smart little cookie. After only one session the episodes of waking up screaming stopped.

It has been almost a month since his session and I have not heard anything about night terrors returning. 
Another case was a 1-year-old boy, who had been born with a blocked tear duct. Otherwise happy and healthy child had constant pussy discharge from his left eye. It took two sessions (one general and one with specific agenda for the blocked tear duct) to painlessly and effortlessly remove the blockage.

I just find it absolutely amazing how BodyTalk is able to help children, especially on emotional and spiritual level. I find that other modalities struggle with finding proper solutions to kids issues because they rely on conscious expression of condition from the patient. The patient first needs to establish what is happening with his/her body, which is not easy and even more difficult with kids. In BodyTalk we "read" the client like an open book without needing the patient to explain what they think may be "wrong" with them in the first place, therefore we are able to help out kids so efficiently in such a short time. " … Kathy Grzesik