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Cherie Carpenter  
BodyTalk Central  
Certified Instructor 705 735-2424
189 Browning Trail





Cherie Carpenter,

CLSC, BodyTalk Animal Practitioner, AdvCBP, CBAT, CBI

I can describe why I love teaching the BodyTalk System in three words: excited, surprised and passionate. What makes me excited about my role as a BodyTalk instructor is how fast students learn. I teach that the strength of BodyTalk lies in its simplicity. Just do the technique. And stay out of your own way! It’s so easy to learn. It’s so rewarding to practice!

Each teaching day I still feel surprised – and grateful - when I see such amazing healing results right in front of my eyes! An Access student who had suffered constant/extreme low back pain following an auto accident twenty years earlier was ecstatic after volunteering for the Fast Aid demonstration in one Access class. After two years she is still pain free!  

When I think about the number of workshops held in the world since the summer of 2005 when Access was made available, I can only begin to imagine how many lives have been changed. That’s because BodyTalk is so much more than an integrative health care system. I am passionate about being part of the vast potential of this path to community health for our global family.

When I deliver Access Training students report that the group learning experience is easy and fun.  They enjoy the hands on participation and immediately appreciate the vast potential of the BodyTalk System when they see and feel the immediate results of the balancing.  

My approach in BodyTalk: Fundamentals training is practical.  In my commitment to excellence I give significant in-class practice time for integration of the material. As a follow-up, I provide regular study groups to ensure continued growth and development in the evolution of the BodyTalk System.


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To host a BodyTalk Access Workshop in your community, in your group or organization or to fund raise for your favorite charity, contact me by email or call the office at BodyTalk Central toll free 1-877-884-1767.

Cherie Carpenter: Graduate RNA 1976, Esalin Massage, Aroma Therapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master in both Usui and Takata Lineages, Kolami Practitioner, Certified Life Skills Coach, BodyTalk for Animal's Practitioner, AdvCBP, Access Trainer, CBI

Faculty Member of The International Institute of Energy Wellness Studies,

Member of the International BodyTalk Association

and member of the Ontario BodyTalk Association

Member of Canadian Holistic Nursing Association.