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BreakThrough helps us see that our expectations of ourselves

and others around us limit our ability to live f

Esther Veltheim  
Certified Instructor 941-921-7443
2750 Stickney Point Road #203



Esther is the developer of the BreakThrough System, a dynamic process of self-investigation. At present she conducts advanced workshops in BreakThrough, internationally and in U.S.A. She also runs ongoing Instructor Training programs for BreakThrough. Her main focus with her work is to provide techniques which people can use and evolve to help themselves.

Esther is the author of Beyond Concepts - the seeker's guide to nowhere and Who am I - the investigation of who you are NOT.

We are looking forward to meeting Esther at the Toronto Breakthrough Steps Intensive on Feb 6-8th 2009.

We are always thrilled and honoured to introduce instructors who have been certified by the IBA to teach BodyTalk or other related courses. This certification signifies that these persons have reached the highest level of qualification as BodyTalk instructors, have gained extensive knowledge and experience through the practice of BodyTalk and have met the IBA’s stringent quality standards.

Highly skilled and experienced BodyTalk instructors, new to our geographic region, bring information and techniques to support a successful practice in health care. For this reason we are delighted to welcome Esther Veltheim to our region. Students will learn the latest cutting edge information and further their education and knowledge in this fast growing health care system.