“If you are passionate about BodyTalk and want to get the word out, here’s the perfect vehicle for you.”  Wheels are turning; you just get to keep it going and take it anywhere you want.

BodyTalk Central is a marketing arm for BodyTalk, placing group ads, articles, ideas and more to increase awareness. 

HealthyDirections Magazine

The BodyTalk Central Promotional Network was conceived to support, connect and educate a growing tapestry of BodyTalk Professionals who are expanding the matrix of human potential. They are helping themselves and others attain optimal health in order to maintain over-all wellbeing.

The BodyTalk Central Promotional Network was Created to

  • help solidify the foundation of BodyTalk in our respective communities
  • make information easily accessible about The BodyTalk System
  • announce BodyTalk events, public lectures, public forums, health shows
  • announce trainings and workshop
  • promote certified  BodyTalk Practitioners and Technicians in their practices
  • support BodyTalk practitioners in their business expansion
  • provide a communication network between the affiliates of BodyTalk Central
  • introduce the public to the unique benefits of BodyTalk.


Exclusive Benefits to Affiliates of the BodyTalk Central Promotional Network

  • Your individual page on a website that is high on Google search
  • Promotion in a variety of widely distributed health magazines  
  • Constant referrals from the BodyTalk Central office 
  • Certified Access trainers available for your hosting advantage
  • Articles on BodyTalk for you to reprint to use in your promotional package
  • Timely scheduled projects and promotional ideas for you to implement

Requirements to be an Affiliate of BodyTalk Central

  • Completed one of the following courses:  BodyTalk Fundamentals, BodyTalk Access, MindScape or BreakThrough
  • Agree to adhere to standards of professionalism
  • Maintain a current membership with the International BodyTalk Association
  • Maintain a current paid up dues
  • Agree to maintain a professional, current individual Bio page with photograph

Contact us to join up now!

Need help with your professional profile?

Contact Judy Watts to write a profile (bio) for your BodyTalk practice. She will help you create the professional image you need. Use your profile on the IBA website, press releases, pamphlets and brochures. She has worked with BodyTalk Central for over a decade - as a BodyTalk student, Access Technician, writer and editor. Judy understands how to entwine professional and life experiences into your current career goals so future clients will seek your services with confidence. 

Judy Watts,  (705-970-3030)