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Twenty years of innovation, thousands of years of tradition, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, fractal mathematics … Experience BodyTalk for the health of it!  Only you can feel the difference.

Kathy  Grzesik,     Direct: 647.727.0905
The Clarity Centre    
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Oakville   Ontario      

Kathy had worked in the medical field for seven years when she came to understand an important truth. If the student is ready to experience a life changing awareness, it appears. When she first heard about BodyTalk in 2010, Kathy was amazed by both its simplicity and the diverse range of the mental, physical and emotional imbalances it addressed. Her instinctive and immediate interest in BodyTalk stemmed from feeling stripped of hope by the tools the Western medical model provides. She realized the limitations of mainstream medicine’s ability to discover and heal the root causes of “illnesses”. Based on fear, the symptom-oriented approach did not feel right for Kathy any more. Her devotion to this simple, safe and effective natural healing modality deepened and stuck! Her son, who was going through a period of behavioural challenges, was back to his normal, happy self after just one session! No drugs, no guessing game, no stress on his part whatsoever! Thrilled by the result, she decided to “get to the bottom of this”.

As the first step to become a fully qualified BodyTalk practitioner herself, she took modules 1&2 – the Fundamentals of BodyTalk – the following month. Since then she has graduated from BodyTalk module 5 gaining extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, which allowed for clients to experience even more profound changes in their sessions. She is also a Veltheim Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. Kathy readily admits that from the very first moment she felt very comfortable with the ease and common sense of the BodyTalk principles.

Getting rid of the “fixing the problem” approach and learning how to get to the bottom of the “priority” at hand is what she finds most fascinating. Issues she has seen corrected in her BodyTalk sessions could have affected a future or continued to be deeply problematic. Helping a toddler with a blocked tear duct since birth and a man who had suffered with digestive issues his entire life are just some of her success stories. Her experience as a practitioner has taught her the instinctive healing process of the body is always available – when one is taught to pay attention. As Kathy says it, “I was finally able to be simply helpful and on much deeper levels! What a reward!” To express her gratitude, she is excited about adding a BodyTalk community clinic to her current practice.

Once a month, she offers sessions at discount fees. It is her way to “give back” for all of the life lessons she learns each day. “I am happy to be able to share my passion for our body’s ability to heal itself.” You can share her passion by contacting Kathy Grzesik for a simple, safe, effective BodyTalk session that will happily change your life too.

Kathy is a member if the International BodyTalk Association, Ontario BodyTalk Association and BodyTalk Central Affiliate.