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Break out of the old paradigm. The Body knows how to heal itself.

Cara  Cooper     705-514-0550
Quantum Essentials     705-345-5167
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Rama Rd.       admin
Washago   Ontario      
L0K 2B0      

BodyTalk Inspires Practitioner Integrity and Dedication

For over twenty-two years, Cara has worked in retail sales. She has co-owned a successful local business in Severn Bridge for the last twenty. She prides herself in the honesty and "realness" she brought to the job every day. When she was introduced to the countless natural healing benefits of BodyTalk, Cara Cooper knew her future was about to move in a new direction. This insight came after several years of researching for answers that often seemed to come to her "by chance". Cara’s new studies in psychology around personalities, emotions and behaviour led her to the healing benefits of energy medicine. "It all made sense why some people had such an easy time coping with something compared to others. Also how physically, those methods of coping, could cause unnecessary stress on pretty much every system within the body"!  Belief Systems whether we are aware of them or not, are powerful action triggers in our lives. And BodyTalk addresses these as part of the safe, simple sessions offered by Cara Cooper.

Practitioners in the BodyTalk System know sometimes certain "Priorities" need to be dealt with first, before our bodies can address deeper issues. There are usually other unexpected benefits from these simple, safe BodyTalk sessions.  For instance a client who had received healing attention to the diaphragm as a priority, was immediately delighted to note an increase in her sense of smell.In another relaxing session Cara offered at the Community Wholeness Centre in Barrie, the client slept off and on after the first priority was addressed. As a practitioner she knew whatever blockage had been released from the client’s energy field it was big! Enthralled with the various fields of study in BodyTalk available – including Animal Access – Cara is growing her practice and excited about where her future clients will be able to locate her comprehensive and caring concern for their greater health and wellness. One of her favorite quotes exemplifies her feelings about our unified human efforts to be the best of all that is possible in the world: “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is looking”.

Cara Cooper


8221 Rama Rd., Washago, On, L0K 2B0

H# 705-514-0550