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"Go with the flow of life and continually be open to new ways of learning and sharing the possibilities."

Margaret  Harris     289.238.9724
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Govenor's Road
Dundas   Ontario      
L9H 5M3      

Margaret is a retired Public Health Nurse serving many years in several Canadian provinces. She is currently Nurse Emeritus with the RNAO and an active member of the Canadian College of Nurses.

She is also a member of BodyTalk International and BodyTalk Ontario as well as being a registered Brain Gym Instructor.  As a qualified Brain Gym(R) (Educational Kinesiology) Instructor, Margaret taught the Physiological Basis of Learning with Brain Gym at the International Conference held in Australia in 2006.

She has taught this course at the Ontario Summer Institute held each year at Carlton University and is an active member of Brain Gym International (see or

Margaret was drawn to BodyTalk when it first arrived in Ontario.  A fellow Brain Gym instructor introduced her to the BodyTalk System™ with a challenging client who was experiencing the aftermath of a right-sided brain stroke.  It was affecting the woman’s creativity and vision - rendering her nearly blind due to light sensitivity.  Her sense of balance was so precarious that, wearing dark glasses, she had to depend on a cane and her husband to lead her down six steps to where the BodyTalk Session was held.

Following the 45 minute BodyTalk session, she stood up with a big smile, took off her dark glasses, handed her husband the cane and walked freely up the steps and outdoors. Margaret did further follow-up. The dramatic results of the client’s BodyTalk session held fast.

Convinced of the value of BodyTalk energy healing, Margaret registered for the first course held in Toronto in 2004.  Her own initial session cured the residual vertigo symptoms left over from Menier’s Disease (inner ear imbalance with symptoms of vertigo) which she first experienced in 1995. 

Margaret’s own “Vision” is to just keep serving clients with both modalities - BodyTalk and Educational Kinesiology - increasing her focus on the BodyTalk System™  because “it works so well”.

She has taken and actively utilized both “Animal Talk” and “Plant Talk” successfully.  Margaret was delighted to discover that dogs want to have “tapping” of the cortices as much as a head or ear rub!

* Dundas is a historically beautiful community in the heart of the Dundas Valley Escarpment.

“Love Life and the Universe as much as IT Loves You!”