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 Facilitate Healing and Balance:

 It's All So Natural with BodyTalk!

Brittany  Bird     416 888 4334
Barrie BodyTalk Office    
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
59B Avenue Road
Barrie / Uxbridge   Ontario      

Facilitate Healing and Balance:

 It's All So Natural with BodyTalk!

While Brittany is a rather young practitioner, she has experienced life changing situations more than the average 24 year old. Following a near death experience resulting from health complications, BodyTalk was introduced to her when she needed it most. She recalls feeling she was about to be helped in some way the first time she was lying on the session table. Little did she know! This natural healing modality gave her answers to so many life questions common to all of us.

Brittany not only loved each advancement her body gained on her journey to restore her health;  but she couldn't help falling in love with the larger process of the  BodyTalk System. She left the business world, incorporating her experience and educational knowledge into her new professional skills.

Her Bachelor of Commerce degree, specializing in Marketing Management and a Post Graduate Certification in Sports Business Management had launched her a career working with all ages. A former elite athlete, Brittany learned how sometimes simple issues could so quickly block ultimate pain-free health and high performance. Six months of travel to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Bali added the ideal experience to allow her to see our world in a whole different way.

Brittany began practising BodyTalk in 2015 after studying Fundamentals Levels 1 & 2 and BodyTalk Access. She added Mindscape and Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy and Physiology (BT Module 5) to her knowledge base. She also took an opportunity to travel to Italy to work with doctors to learn more about the body and how it can benefit from natural healing through Energetic Therapy.

Her near death experience from eating disorders and her inspirational recovery often find her giving guests lectures at colleges. And her earlier work with a team to create a conference marketing strategy for the Canadian Positive Psychology Association has added beneficial knowledge to her overall awareness.

Through her athletic background and Bodytalk Training, Brittany can say with assurance, “the body will tell you amazing things if you learn to listen to its signs and what they have to say.” Her clients are grateful that she has dedicated her future to spreading the BodyTalk word on a global basis.

If you’re curious on how you can help take your health back, book an appointment with Brittany today.

Brittany Bird, Hon. B.Comm, CBP , VMLD, Access Technician

Cell: 416-888-4334