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Balanced Healing: The Missing Link to a Positive Future

Margo  Decker     613-373-9759
Balanced Healing With BodyTalk    
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Greater Napanee   Ontario      

Balanced Healing: The Missing Link to a Positive Future

If we begin to sense a "missing link" in our lives an intuitive energy is telling us there is something wonderful waiting to be discovered. When the BodyTalk System found Margo Decker she knew she had connected with that ultimate, positive link. Today, she not only speaks about how this safe, balanced, non-invasive natural healing improved her own health. As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner she is building a reputation for helping others improve their health and create ultimate long term wellness.

Margo loves communicating with people, a passion that led her to work in healthcare most of her life. She also grew to respect the benefits of alternative health care and learned of the healing qualities of vitamins, herbs, essential oils and a healthy diet. She credits these alternatives to rescuing her own health and has "happily and successfully managed to take my life back without harsh medications and their side effects."

In 2012 while half way through her studies to become an Iridologist, BodyTalk was attracted into Margo's life. All the pieces seem to fit! In her initial BodyTalk course studies - BT Access, MindScape, BT Fundamentals 1&2, Advanced BodyTalk, Module 3 (Consciousness) and Body Psychology and Lymphatic Drainage & A&P -she realized the balancing and healing on all levels were all a big part of the System. It was the perfect POSITIVE path to follow.

Over time Margo has been thrilled to have witnessed "some awesome results" in her own client sessions like when her son pulled his groin playing ball and less than two weeks later he was back playing - full swing! When his teammates expressed disbelief that he was able to play so soon and asked how or what he did, he confidently replied "BodyTalk!"

The body can return to balance in unexpected positive ways. Like in another of Margo's grateful clients who recently tested anaphylactic allergy free and can now actually eat coconut. The stories of positive healing results are varied, endless and as unique as each human mind, body and spirit. BodyTalk truly is whole-healthcare designed by your body.

What Margo Decker intuitively discovered in BodyTalk is knowledge she is excitedly sharing with the world. Call her to set up an appointment. 

Discover your own missing link to positive changes in your life... an easy, fast track to health just for the asking!

Balanced Healing With BodyTalk

Greater Napanee, Ontario