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"I guess in the greater scheme of things I try to live a more principled life, being connected to and affiliated with things that ring true with the 'me' I am revealing as I journey through time."

Karyn  Geeza     (705) 675-5465
The Karyng Link BodyTalk Clinic    
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
469 Bouchard Street, Suite 228, 2153 Armstrong St      
Sudbury   Ontario      
P3E 4W2      

Karyn Geeza, CBP

Karyn Geeza's awakening to a need to be connected with "things that ring true" came in 1996 after a car accident delivered a strong message. She marks that incident as the time when she knew she could no longer live her life "on auto-pilot". What started as an insatiable investigation into the benefits of nutritional supplements ultimately lead Karyn to BodyTalk and a new career path in alternative health care.

Karyn's passion for BodyTalk is driven by her personal experience. An innocent trip and fall in 2004 resulted in her suffering a debilitating shoulder and hip injury. Swallowed up by chronic pain, Karyn fell into a deep depression as her active life ground to a halt. Frustrated by a puzzled medical system that could find no reason for her insufferable pain and lack of mobility, Karyn turned to BodyTalk. A major "ah_ha" experienced during a Breakthrough course was complemented by a BodyTalk session to balance some long-standing beliefs allowed for the release of stored emotions in her shoulder area. By nightfall her pain levels had decreased by about 70%. A few follow up BodyTalk sessions resulted in her regaining full use of both her shoulder and her hip. Enthralled by this new paradigm in healing that effectively addressed the source of her health and wellness challenges, Karyn continued her BodyTalk studies and aced her certification exams. She opened a practice in Sudbury, Ontario called The Karyng Link BodyTalk Clinic.

Karyn's attention to detail when putting her clinic together resulted in a serene space where she could nurture caring relationships with her clients anchored in comfort, efficiency, sound work ethics, and customer service. Successful in her intent, Karyn’s clients benefit from the passion she infuses into the service she provides. Whether they have a specific illness or concern, or are simply feeling stressed and off-balance, Karyn utilizes her skills and knowledge to assist her clients in achieving balance in the four quadrants that she believes creates the foundation of good health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Some of the results experienced by her clients include relief from muscle spasms and pain in the lower back; relief of excruciating hip pain while awaiting hip replacement surgery; stabilization of blood pressure spikes; relief from repetitive occupational strain injuries; elimination of heartburn; relief from painful menstrual cycles; more effective Chiropractic treatments; and applying the Fast Aid Procedure to minimize the soft tissue trauma of whiplash. Karyn’s clients have repeatedly reported an ability to handle daily stressors more effectively. They also speak of an increase in energy and mental clarity during the day while experiencing a better, deeper sleep at night, giving them an overall sense of well-being.

In addition to practicing the all natural systems of BodyTalk, BodyTalk Access, Fast Aid, and AnimalTalk, Karyn puts her Breakthrough I, Mindscape and personal development training to use in providing life skills coaching to those interested in achieving their personal best. Her ‘Karyng for Our Community’ program conducts a monthly Community Clinic offering Access Balancing to raise donations for local charities and advocacy groups. She is actively involved in the coordination of public forums, continuing education, and systems development to support the growth of BodyTalk. Karyn looks forward to working with members in her community as she establishes BodyTalk as a viable tool in addressing various facets of health and wellness in Northeastern Ontario, Canada and around the world.

Her favorite quote best encapsulates the essence of Karyn Geeza:

A hundred years from now it will not matter

what my bank account was,

or the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…

But the world may be different

because I was important in the life of a child

…and aren't we all children…at heart?

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