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“I can never pretend to be as smart as your body.” 
Monique  Craig     905 627 6837
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
11 Main St      
Dundas   Ontario      
L9H 2P7      

Monique Craig, BA, CBP

"I can never pretend to be as smart as your body".

Your body already has the answers. Let’s ask it what it wants instead of trying to impose what we think it needs.”

In Monique Craig’s long, intuitive search for answers, BodyTalk confirmed the obvious. Now she helps her clients feel their own sense of calm and inner peace as they break away from dysfunction and imbalance. Minus the physical symptoms caused by years of carrying guilt or blame, they report feeling like children again: empowered, happy and free!

While communicating with Monique, everyone shares the same impression: here is a woman who feels a profound zest and enthusiasm for life! This wasn’t always the case, however. She remembers her difficult years: being “a seeker of health and peace for body mind and spirit...on a seemingly perpetual spiritual quest to understand Self…and to find relief from depression and chronic muscle pain.”

Born and raised in Dundas, Ontario, for some time Monique lived in Banff, Alberta running a busy clinic based on a community referrals from chiropractors, physiotherapists, MDs, massage colleagues and holistic practitioners. She built her successful practice on professional credentials as a Registered Massage Therapist and diplomas in Reiki 1 and 2. (She also holds a Bachelor of English Literature with a Minor in Philosophy.)

It was only after one of her massage colleagues, Kristy Kenny, now a BodyTalk instructor, introduced Monique to the System that she “fast tracked” her way to wellness and changed her life profoundly. After exploring and experiencing all sorts of alternative treatments herself, she says about BodyTalk “I finally feel that I have found what I have been searching for…a powerful and holistic healing system that encompasses every aspect of health and living. BodyTalk is my passion.”

Acting in support of her belief, she has taken the basic Modules 1 and 2 and Advanced Modules through to 9, as well as Freefall 1 and 2, Mindscape and Right Brain Practical. She plans to continually re-monitor all Modules to keep advancing and expanding her capabilities and awareness in order to stay current with this swiftly evolving System

Currently enrolled in Parama College and studying Unit 1 as a colleague of founder Dr. John Veltheim, Monique is committed to actively research the profound ramifications of The BodyTalk System. As she puts it: “The power, amplitude and clarity of thought brought to the table for every treatment, allows amazing results to occur.” She plans to continue to research and tackle many serious diseases, with a special interest in those genetically based. And, of course, for the issues that people say ‘I guess I have to live with it’ Monique says: ‘Let’s simply ask your body, it might have a different story to tell’

Some of this BodyTalk practitioner’s fascinating “stories” include a 72 year-old grandma who dramatically healed herself from Lymphatic cancer in three treatments; combined with chemo, BodyTalk accelerated her process and her body was able to synthesize and heal. Following one session, fibromyalgia was gone in another female client. A man who had suffered years of depression felt it lift, gradually and consistently with regular treatments. Yet another client was able to reduce her dependency on prescription medications, remove her self from a fog, and thereby felt empowered to get back into the business of living. Other clients report the end of chronic shoulder pain, the end of sciatica…the list goes on and on.

Among Monique’s other interests and hobbies are included laughing with the love of her life, yoga, cooking, aromatherapy, and being a perpetual student who enjoys reading in a broad range of subjects: from metaphysics, quantum mechanics, cosmology and philosophy to the esoteric

Meet Monique by calling 905-627-6837 and set up an appointment with a dynamic professional who can help you discover positive changes for your life too. You can also email her at: