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"Fill your heart with love today. Don’t play the game of time." (David Bowie)

Lisa  Schokking    
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Lakeview   Ontario      

Lisa Schokking, BodyTalk Access Technician, and a Certified BodyTalk Practitoner

Lisa Schokking faces each day with an inherent attitude of gratitude and love and a deeply reflective search for the truth. Her ability to intuitively 'go with the flow' is why Lisa's BodyTalk clients gain so many healing benefits from her sessions. She has seen amazing results in her own clients and in other students during extensive training course hours she has attended over the past fourteen months.

Passionate about how the BodyTalk System operates, Lisa is already beginning to study advanced material in Parama, an area she finds inspiring and motivating. Broad-based scientific research is demonstrating how humans are "tapped into" natural energy fields on the planet. In Parama, professional BodyTalk practitioners are taking this information and moving forward - helping individuals find relief from physical pain, emotional blocks and spiritual misunderstanding.

Before the principles of BodyTalk energy medicine became her main focus, Lisa owned and operated a massage therapy clinic in Toronto: Serenity. She also demonstrated her skills as the "VIP therapist" for the Four Seasons in Yorkville. Notable celebrities and performing artists in stress-filled lives found relaxation and release of tension in her massage sessions.

Over the years, Lisa has demonstrated this same relish for life as a wife, a mother and a Child Sponsorship Advocate for World Vision. Her concern for the human condition and compassionate desire to serve has been demonstrated in many ways. Lisa taught entrepreneurial skills to small business owners, worked as an in-house interior designer, travelled extensively around the world, earned a degree in philosophy, pursued art studies and has been fascinated by what she laughingly describes as 'clay space'. This is that tactile energy field she goes into when she pursues her passion for sculpting.

Lisa recognizes a similar healing principle - creative intuition - "takes her hands where they need to go" in her caring sessions in the BodyTalk System. She works in a rare and powerful combination of arts, philosophy and healing.

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