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Imagine feeling energetic, joyful and healthy again!

Linda Marlene  Eales     647.783.4631
Toronto Bodytalk     (647) 783-4631
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
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Lakefield and Toronto   Ontario      

Linda Marlene Eales, AdvCBP

Linda has been passionately working with clients of The BodyTalk System soon after it was first introduced into Toronto, and as such is one of the longest practicing BodyTalk Practitioners in Toronto (10 years). Linda runs a full-time practice at Toronto BodyTalk in Toronto's west end.

If you are feeling run down, depressed or anxious, or don't feel like you have been getting the best out of your life, Linda invites you to get your health back on track. Many of Linda's clients had tried many different therapies without success before trying BodyTalk.

Linda's powerful intuition and her nine years of BodyTalk practice experience and continuous study can help you to break through these emotional and energetic blocks, and increase your energy, vitality, joy, and overall health


Self- growth, professional development, and mental & emotional health

Workplace Wellness, Lunch n' Learns & Corporate Events

Linda also enjoys seeing clients reduce stress and increase creativity through her workplace wellness seminars and lunch n' learns. She specializing in business intuition and stress reduction, and has been a presenter at numerous corporate events and wellness days.

Please contact for more details on these programmes.

What clients are saying:

"Thank you for clearing my allergies...I feel amazing!" ~ Janet Segeren Lopes, Director, Leadership Stra"I have found BodyTalk amazing. I truly feel I am being healed from the inside out. After my last session, I found I had more energy. I also felt more balanced and co-ordinated. It felt like the communication between different parts of my body was more effective and smoother. I slept better and, during the day, I was more focused! Thank you." ~Mary R.

"Just wanted to let you know that today is a very GOOD day! I did my cortices this morning - no headache. And my energy level is good. Here's to more good days & more Bodytalk! Thanks for yesterday." - A.A.


Healing Approach & PhilosophyBelief Systems & Consciousness With a deep understanding and fascination for how belief systems and thought patterns shape our physical health, Linda helps you uncover core beliefs and the conflicting attitudes and behaviours that emerge from them, opening the door to new pathways for holistic health transformation. Using her highly developed intuitive skills, she listens to your unique story and facilitates shifts in your body-mind consciousness. Daily triggers and "buttons" are reduced, relationships improve, and there is more room for joy and spontaneity.

Relationships & Environmental Impact

Linda’s approach works with you, within your environment – your health, balance and wellbeing are continually impacted by the relationships you have within your environment. Your daily interactions with your partner, family, friends and colleagues, with your home and work environments, your community - and, most importantly, your relationship with yourself -all affect your health and wellbeing. Linda discovers what factors within your environment are affecting your health – be they physical sensitivities or allergies, emotional blocks, or memories that trigger responses – and facilitates self-healing within your body.

Client Resources

Linda recognizes that the work done in the clinic must expand into your daily life for lasting results, and she has a keen ability to intuit the unique resources specific to you for experiencing more health, joy and wellbeing in your day-to-day life.

Education and Certification

Life Long Learning With a passion for lifelong learning, Linda integrates her wealth of knowledge gained from over 30 years of formal study and self-guided exploration of traditional and innovative health practices. These include Reiki, Chinese Five-Element Theory, non-dualistic philosophy, meditation, and Aboriginal traditional healing and more recent studies in the modern breakthroughs in neuroplasticity, neuroeducation and mind-body medicine.

BodyTalk & Neuroplasticity

Linda continues to study the advanced modules of the BodyTalk System, currently working towards her AdvCPB designation, scheduled for completion this year. She also has a fascination for brain health and learning, and in November, 2010, she attended the professional training workshop

The Brain that Changes Itself: The Neuroplasticity Revolution for the Helping Professions with author and researcher Dr. Norman Doidge. The discovery of neuroplasticity (that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains, even into old age) is central to The BodyTalk System’s teachings and efficacy, and it offers scientific proof for what energy healers have known for millenniums

Community Service

Linda’s wealth of interests and love of people keeps her active within the community. As an educator, speaker, facilitator, fundraiser and board member of numerous community and charitable organizations, she engages and inspires others to develop their talents and passion in all areas of health, creativity and spirituality. She is grateful for the energy and passion that BodyTalk infuses into her daily life.

About Linda

Linda discovered the BodyTalk System in 2004 while seeking alternatives to health challenges she was facing, including chemical sensitivities, environmental & food allergies, and symptoms of a brain tumor. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired and was unsatisfied in her career and life. BodyTalk offered her a unique, gentle and powerful way of getting to the roots of her physical and emotional problems. Linda’s results with the system were immediate, profound and life altering. As her energy and vitality increased, she became inspired to share the profound and holistic results that the BodyTalk System offered. Linda achieved her Certified BodyTalk Practitioner designation within four months of introduction to the System.

She has since assisted in coordinating classes for BodyTalk System instructors, and many of Linda’s clients have gone on to formal studies in the BodyTalk System. She is excited to see BodyTalk affecting positive change in so many.

Area’s of Specialty

Addictive Patterns & Behaviour

Anxiety & Depression

Allergies & Chemical,

Environmental Sensitivities

Brain Health & Cognitive Function

Digestive Disorders

Emotional Imbalance

Endocrine/Hormonal Imbalances

Fertility/PMS & Menopause

Intuitive Development

Learning & Behaviour

Personal & Professional Development

Relationship Dynamics

Spiritual Development

Undiagnosed Illness & Pain Research Interests:


Cycle of abuse

Harm reduction theory

Extra-sensory perception & intuitive processes



Non-dualistic philosophy

Systems theorySpecialized Training:

BodyTalk:Mindscape, Intuitive Mind Development

Breakthrough: Seven Step Belief Systems Process

Modules 1,2, 3, 4/7, 6 & Orthopedic Evaluation


The Brain That Changes Itself – The Revolution in Neuroplasticity Leading Edge Seminars for the Helping Professions, with Dr. Norman Doidge

Humanities for Humanity, Trinity College, University of Toronto

Kundalini Yoga

Chinese Five Element Theory

Traditional Aboriginal & Yogic Teachings Associations & Community Involvement

Practicing Member in good standing of the International BodyTalk Association

Board Member, Roncesvalles BIA

Board Member, Windfall

Member, Council of Canadians

Coordinator, Roncesvalles Health & Fitness Fair

Consultant, Toronto Entrepreneur Advisory Roundtable

Advocate: Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre

Committee Member, Organizer, MAD Pride

Past: Board President for the Bridge in Crossing, Women’s abuse organization

To book your appointment, please contact Linda at 647.783.4631