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Lena  Mascarin     905-266-0284
Mind Body Transformation Sanctuary Inc. Integrated Wellness Body, Mind & Soul     647-204-9005
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
4610 Hwy 7, Suite 303.       http//
Woodbridge   Ontario      
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Lena Mascarin,

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, PaRama, Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner.

Lena Mascarin has been working in the Holistic Health Field for the last 20 years. She is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner, Herbalist, Iridologist, Emotional Release Therapist, and Healing Touch Therapist and has studied many other health-related modalities over the last 20yrs.

A personal health crisis brought the message home 20yrs ago and deeply disappointed with what traditional Allopathic Medicine had to offer,she made an instinctual decision to follow her heart into Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It was here where she says " I found my answers!"

Very early in her training, Lena recognized the common threads in the human condition concerning emotional blocks, physical blocks, disturbances of the psyche,paralyzed will, fears, traumas, belief systems, pain inflammation and many others. All major contributors to illness and poor healing. Lena realized that once these conditions were addressed balanced and released than health was regained.

BodyTalk was the answer, and found her clients experiencing quick, effect and amazing results.

She has an ever deepening respect for this rapidly evolving field of 'ENERGY MEDICINE'.

Lena became a Certified Body Talk Practitioner in 2007 and as part of an amazing shift in the health care system happening today, she is also "very proud to be part of this revolutionary form of complementary health care system. She has dedicated herself to helping others throughout York Region, King City,Vaughan, and the GTA by educating and informing the public through her BodyTalk presentations. She speaks frequently at health fairs, special events, Corporations and local businesses.

Lena has worked with and provided care to a wide range of clients, ranging from infants,to teenagers and the elderly. Her clients say her enthusiasm for life, free spirit, her gentle approach to healing and intuitiveness is reflected of her passion for Body Talk.

Lena brings to her clients a special and unique blend of experience, knowledge and expertise along with complementary healing modalities that make her sought after by many. She is truly in her element.

As well as successful completion of BodyTalk Modules 1, 2, 3, 4(7) 6, 9, Advanced Practical, Mindscape, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Body Chemistry Specifics, Lena is also a PaRama BT Practitioner, and a Certified Access Technician, and has studied and taken many of  John Veltheim courses. She continues to study further BodyTalk courses to enhance her knowledge and understanding.

"Anyone who is sincerely interested in the concept of total health care and has a respect for the power of the potential of the human mind/body complex is encouraged to look further into Body Talk. It will change your life and you will be forever grateful that you did.

Testimonials .......

• Want to thank you so much for seeing me - my neck isn't sore anymore! Wow! This stuff really works!Thank you, thank you. Chris. C.

• My stomach doesn't hurt anymore after I eat - I can eat macaroni and cheese and other stuff. Body Talk is amazing.    Kelley C. - 18yrs old

• My anxiety, high blood pressure, and heart palpitations are gone. I cannot thank you enough. LM

• I have had hip problems for over 10yrs; the pain interfered with my daily activities, even more so at night. After one Body Talk session that old long stemming problem with my hips was totally gone.  It has now been 6 months and still no pain. I am truly amazed at this amazing health care system. Luba Q.

• I have suffered severe migraines on and off for the past year. I resorted to taking Advil everyday as without it, I was not able to function and go about my daily life. I decided to see Lena for a BT session to deal with this and some other health challenges that were going on with me. After my second BT session my migraines were totally gone! I haven't taken any further Advil since. I can function again. Thank you Lena.  Lisa A. Caledon.

• Before I began seeing Lena my life was this huge "rocky road" with many stumbling blocks. I wasn't happy in my life and with who I was. Lena worked diligently with me on many issues, clearing, balancing, releasing and reconnecting my body and mind. BodyTalk has helped me regain confidence to move forward, given me courage to take on the future with much strength and insight. I feel like I am finally Me, and further evolving into my "authentic self. I REALLY LIKE"ME" right now and feel like a "Beacon of Light!"

Thank you so very much Lena. I feel like I have my life back! Mary. M.

DISTANCE SESSIONS ALSO AVAILABLE: Contact Lena at email address -  or (647) 204-9005.

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'Body Talk has become the new language of health in over 30 countries around the globe and is the fastest growing healthcare system in the world today.