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Bringing Students and Instructors Together for an Integrative Health Care System

Gary  Gingras     705-735-2424
BodyTalk Central     705-735-2424
BodyTalk Access Technician
Program Coordinator
Barrie   Ontario      
L4N 5H5      

Gary Gingras, BodyTalk Technician, Photographer

Beginning in 2003, Gary has taken all the modules and special interest classes he made available to students learning the BodyTalk System. Since then he has been in attendance of over 425 workshops that have been coordinated by BodyTalk Central.

His well being and personal growth on all levels has confirmed his belief in the potential of natural healing. At present Gary edits the online publication of ‘The Current News and Views’ and 'WholeHealthcare' to provide the public and practitioners the latest information about the BodyTalk System in Ontario.

Contact Gary at

PH: 705-735-2424 or TF: 1-877-884-1767