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Time for BodyTalk!

Faye  Crago     519-274-9081
Tea Leaves    
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
433 Erie St
Stratford   Ontario      
N5A 2N3      

Faye Crago, RN, CBP

My background is a Registered Nurse with an interest in medicine, palliative and gerontology fields of nursing but I have also studied reflexology, aromatherapy and therapeutic touch.

In 2009 I became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner with the International BodyTalk Association. In my search for complementary therapies to assist the body's own healing abilities I came across the BodyTalk System.

BodyTalk addresses each person as an individual with their own unique challenges and works on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels to facilitate their own healing processes by improving communication between their brain and their body. For optimum health and healing a person's body needs good internal communication!

This has inspired my enthusiasm to practice BodyTalk in Stratford.

Stories my clients are sharing:

While accompanying a friend having a CT scan she had a stroke causing her to lose her speech and ability to stand.  While waiting with her in emergency for her test results I did BodyTalk Fast Aid to her brain at frequent intervals. After a few days she regained her speech and later with physio was able to walk again unassisted.  She later told me that she could feel herself sinking deeper into the stroke but whenever I tapped out her brain this feeling would stop its descent for a while. Don't forget Access in crisis situatios-it can help!

A long distance client told me that when he was running in his first marathonrace  2 years ago that when he was reaching an exhausted state that he started to tap out his cortices and this enabled him to get reenergized so that he was able to finish the race.

A long distance client of mine was having periods when her body would suddenly fall and she would be unable to move her body for short periods. This was happening about once a month. The doctors were unable to determine what was wrong. After several body talk sessions my client has been falls free for over a year.

To book a session please call 519-274-9081 or email

Time For BodyTalk

Faye Crago, RN,CBP Owen Sound,Ontario