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12. 11. 2013  

One Sheep, Two Sheep ... When the babies just won't sleep ...

One sheep, two sheep…

When the babies just won’t sleep and doctors are out of options.

Kathy Grzesik, CBP

Last week I had a chance to attend a very informative event presented by a company called Happy Little Sleepers specializing in sleep coaching for babies. As the seminar focused on how important sleep is for our little treasures and how we can help them to make sure they are getting enough of it, I could not help myself but to turn to what us, as BodyTalkers can add to the stories little bodies of our children, their minds and spirits are telling us.

Wonder of nature

We all know that sleep is vital, not only for our babies and kids to properly rest but to be able to properly grow. It is the time when our bodies, no matter how small, relax, repair, restore and process information. Thanks to the wonder of our circadian rhythm and multitude of chemical reactions related to it, our cells know exactly when to speed up for the day when we wake up and when it is time to wind down for the night when sun sets for the night and we fall asleep. This cycle is probably one of the most important ones not only for our survival but for wellbeing of our entire planet.

Did you know that staying awake for 24 hours leads to a reduced hand-to-eye coordination that is similar to having a blood alcohol content of 0.1?

Sleep deprivation affects children in different ways to adults – sleepy children tend to ‘rev up’ rather than slow down. Sleep deprived kids tend to be irritable, anxious, have difficulties learning and may face behavioural challenges. Disturbance of circadian rhythm may even lead to serious physical conditions, including cancer. 

Sleep little baby

Eat, fill up a diaper or two, sleep. Repeat. That seems to be the rhythm of first weeks of life for babies. As they grow older, they also engage in more and more complex activities, from exploring their bodies to finding their way around this enormous world. So you would think that at the end of a busy day (and actually during it as well if they are younger than 3 years old) they should feel pretty tired. But what if they just won’t sleep!

We definitely need to satisfy their basic needs first and make sure they are fed, dry, warm, safe and healthy. We dim the lights, turn off phones and even train our dogs to be quiet for that special time when we are ready to call it a day. We have all the props ready, all good intentions at our disposal. We rock, we cuddle and we caress.

But if nothing from the logical repertoire seems to be working, there is usually more to the story the child is struggling with.

Let me share my latest testimonial from a mom, who asked me for a session for her little girl.

“My baby had a very difficult time to relax and fall asleep since she was born.  On the first day she did not sleep for over six hours.  This has continued for two weeks.  She had a great difficulty to settle and did not sleep as much as babies should.  I got a little worried.  I contacted Kathy, my BodyTalk therapist, and asked her to have a distant session for my baby. Once she did, she indeed found out that my baby had a hard time to relax and have a good and deep sleep. A day after the session my baby started sleeping almost all the time with breaks for feeding of course.  Ever since I had no major problems with my baby’s sleeping habits.”

So you may ask what was going on there? Well, interestingly enough, the family happened to be in the middle of moving to a new house when baby was just about to be born. During session, it was incredible to see that the baby was used to the “old” place even before she was born and that she was not happy with the new, strange surroundings! No other modality could tell you that, I bet! Sessions like that mean I usually have to pick up my jaw from the floor.

Tap it out!

As I am happy to see such improvement in this little girl, I noticed that in most cases sessions for little babies take effect immediately. Results are almost instant. They are just so open to balancing and their lack of “life experience” means their shifts happen with a speed of light. What is also apparent, those little people sometimes struggle with quite big issues, which most of the laypersons wouldn’t think are even applicable to somebody of that age. No such assumption in my practice, as I am reminded again and again how seemingly unrelated items fill our stories!

During the sessions things that come up may include emotions that babies are not able to process, beliefs they are faced with or develop by themselves, events from their lives (including their fetal life), people they meet, and people they miss, fears they feel and even phobias they may have developed and are now manifesting themselves as nightmares of night terrors. It may have been a dog that scared them during a walk in the park a week ago or an object in their nursery that looks scary to them.

Whatever the issue is, I do not know of any modality to be more accurate than BodyTalk in finding out and balancing the issue at hand. Especially in case of those, who are not able to fully express themselves - yet.

I am serving Waterdown/Burlington/Hamilton area:

•   Circle of Light Wellness Centre, 50 Mill St. N, Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0, 905-689-8100

•   Oakville @ the Clarity Centre, 245 Wyecroft Road, Unit 2, Oakville L6K 3Y6.

I am also offering a 20% discount on distance sessions until Nov. 24, 2013.

Kathy Grzesik, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner Oakville and Waterdown Ontario Direct: 647.727.0905 View Bio

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