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20. 11. 2013  

The First Experience We Don't Ever Forget...   by Jussara Lourenco

The first experience we don’t ever forget…

Attending the Branching Out - 2013 BodyTalk Conference in Malta was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was my first BodyTalk Conference and also my first trip to a foreign country all by myself.

All efforts that I have done to be there were more than worth it, even though I am still a BodyTalk Practitioner in Training. Being able to get into the BodyTalk Matrix was truly remarkable!

There we had the opportunity to meet people from everywhere around the world, to exchange experiences and, above all, learn a lot.  I wish I would now have enough time to watch all the lectures again and deepen my understanding of the information that was put available by the excellent presenters.  However,  I will do it whenever I have available time. Step by step…

It was a very well organized event in a beautiful and meaningful place for us as human beings and for the BodyTalk System (the first BT classes were held there in 1995).

I am looking forward to attend the next conference. It is going to happen in Canada and I will be happy if they pick somewhere in Ontario as the next conference’s location!

Jussara  Lourenco

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