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20. 11. 2013  

My Story - Branching Out: Malta 2013 IBA Members Conference

My Story – Branching Out:   Malta 2013 IBA Members Conference                                

By Cherie Carpenter, CLSC, RM, PaRama, BAT, CBI.

Three AM!  The alarm went off and I jumped out of bed excited to ready myself for the Malta IBA Members Conference.  I have not missed one in person since 2003… and I wasn’t going to miss this one!  REAL TIME…

I showered and dressed special for an important event and seated myself in front of the screen on my laptop in the office – I tried and tried to get on line and to no avail, (as I am not the best computer teckie kinda gal) ….After trying for what seemed ages – when I finally checked on line and it was Friday, 25th of October ---- I arrived one day early for the Instructors Conference!!!   I had it in my day minder correct … Oh my goodness I was so hyped I couldn’t go back to bed.   All dressed up and no place to go!

AND I didn’t want to mention it to Gary so kept quiet about it at first … then I had to really laugh and share – My memory of past conferences was that the instructor gathering was on the Friday….

Next next day the 26th, I was again in line with the conference energy – I readied some note pads, a scribbler, colored pens, my iPad for photos and reset the alarm for 3:15 am for the next day – once more I dressed as if I was going someplace special….made coffee (a Sunday treat for me on Saturday to celebrate the conference) Then at 3:45 am my time I tried to get on the IBA for the LiveStream…. And to my avail, I could NOT!!!  Challenged and stressed out (from coffee?) NO… NO  NO – the stress of not wanting to miss a moment of the opening.   So I did what any one in my position would do, I called in Tech support shortly after 4 am - I woke Gary!, (all he said was why didn’t you wake be before this???? ) sweet eh? He simply took the mouse and clicked on a spot and Voila… there it was…  by then the sweat had all the make-up off - but again once more I was ready to participate….

I must say it was very special to be in tune with colleagues across the globe and to recognize faces and smiles – to be part of the bigger picture.   I listened to every word.

The whole conference, each topic, speaker and the organizers behind the scenes - You guys and gals did an incredible job!

Keynote Speakers, Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton, presenting Punk Science and BodyTalk,…   Matthew L. Newell, BodyTalk and the Family Hope Centre Program, And Prof. Michael Zammit Presenting Heeding Sanskrit:  An investigation into silent beginnings.  Each totally unique and bringing amazing vibrant information to the BodyTalk Community – I encourage you to check out the availability of these speakers on the IBA and hear what they have to share. (I believe, now available thru the IBA)  

I laughed, I cried, I am inspired … Each of the Guest Speakers and Presenters were incredible – the energy was felt around the globe and I am so proud to be part of this WholeHealthcare System.  “This BodyTalk Community Rocks!”

I was surprised and extremely pleased to see a package from the IBA Conference arrive at my door on the 31st (my birthday)!!!    I would loved to have the print prior to the conference started.  However having said that, I love the cubes, and little BodyTalk promo pad!!!!  Thanks loads IBA and Team!

Then, a huge surprise for me!   I received recognition for High Performance as a BodyTalk Access Trainer and was acknowledged for outstanding contribution at the IBA Members Conference in Malta.    This would not have happened without the support of all the Coordinators working diligently to fill workshops in Ontario and the BodyTalk community who refer their family, friends and clients to my BodyTalk Access Classes.  Much appreciation to each and every one of you!

Keep up the great works… for healthy people, communities, and countries around the globe…


Cherie from Barrie 1-877-884-1767 

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