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17. 03. 2014  

FIVE [pretty darn good] Reasons Why Every Parent Should Know "BodyTalk Fast Aid."  by Kathy Grzesik, CBP

FIVE [pretty darn good] reasons why every parent should know BodyTalk Fast Aid.

By Kathy Grzesik, CBP


No, I did not mistype “First Aid”. What I consciously mean is FAST AID, part of BodyTalk System. And as I am a firm supporter of Fast Aid knowledge being a household must-have, I am even a greater supporter of Fast Aid. Why is that? Well, I thought you’d never ask! 


Firstly, I have two confessions to make: 

 1. I love to learn. There, I said it.  I have always been a kid that loved knowing stuff and exploring new ideas. No, it did not make me exceptionally popular with peers, but hey, I did it anyways. 

 However, gotta say, no book or course can prepare you for the crazy (and awesome) ride of parenthood.  I honestly had no idea that my body is able to handle a) so much stress, b) so many sleepless nights and last but not least c) there are so many questions starting with “why”. 

 Kids can really turn your life inside out and upside down. With cherry on top. ? Every time you think you know something, they change the rules of the game (a.k.a. “growth”) and you have to crack the code all over again! Geez…. Somebody write manual for them, please!

 And here is confession # 2, which I am sure you are all impatiently waiting for:

 2. My life with kids became a lot (!) easier once I discovered BodyTalk, especially Fast Aid.  If finding my lost wallet in my very own house can be called a “Hallelujah moment”, learning few simple techniques from BodyTalk was probably hundred times bigger of a relief. Also because there is way less paperwork (and screaming) involved when you learn them, as opposed to losing your  wallet. Or sanity. Not that I would know… 


Here are my TOP 5 reasons why I think every parent should know how to perform Fast Aid on kids (and themselves). Ready? Here we go!


1. Fast Aid a day makes boo boos go away! 

 I truly hope you never had to perform CPR on your own child. If you did, I hope it all ended well. In case of injury you should always make sure the injured person is safe and call 911 as soon as you suspect such help may be required. However, how many times did your child came to you with an emergency like a headache? Or his/her tummy was aching? Or they just scrapped their knee  or elbow? The last one is probably my specialty with two energetic boys in the house. ?

 Fast Aid works well on those “emergencies” when yes, there may be a pool of tears or a bucket or two of screaming involved, but you would not necessarily call 911 for it.  The technique helps the injured body a) to come out of a state of shock (shush!) and to start responding better to its immediate needs, like sending more troops to the crime scene. So for instance healing the knee that  just had made a sudden and rather painful acquaintance with a pavement. In case of more serious injuries, like sprains or broken bones, it facilitates healing mechanism, which reduces swelling and pain but also shortens recovery time. Of course such injuries need medical attention and a dressing or a cast, but you can do the “inside job” in helping your child’s body to make this experience  more comfortable and their recovery faster. 


Here is a brief testimonial I’d like to share with you, courtesy of International BodyTalk Association.

 One afternoon, Pete, a worker on a plumbing job of mine walks up with a bad 2" cut on his finger. After cleaning and bandaging his finger I performed Fast Aid on him as I had recently learned the technique from taking the BodyTalk Access Course. Before work the next morning, Pete walks right up to me and holds his un-bandaged finger up to my face and demanded "What did you do to  me". The cut looked like it was in the 4th or 5th day of healing. He said "I had no pain and no throbbing whatsoever and it's almost completely healed". Ten day's later I took a look at his finger and there was no scar on his finger where the cut had been. "Sold on First Aid by BodyTalk" David True, Member, Grass Valley, CA, USA


2. Fast Aid is incredibly efficient in helping body to fight off infections

 Instead of me writing up a storm here, let me just share one comment with you from my recent experience: 

 One day I opened my Facebook and there was a message from my friend cancelling a play day. Her older child had a rough night: “Yesterday he was coughing and having trouble because he was so congested, but things have progressed since last evening. He woke up today with a fever of 102.1 and said he feels dizzy and is having difficulty breathing.” That was 8.42 am.

 She asked for a session for him, which did not happen because I was taken to perform a Fast Aid for him instead. Hey, his body knew best and I learned not to argue with whatever comes up as a priority. 

 It took me 10 minutes to do it and follow up was scheduled in a day for a full session.  Fast forward to 1.52pm and I read the following: 

 “Just thought I'd update you. T. is feeling tons better. […] He keeps saying, "I'm not sick anymore!" He's coughed maybe twice since this morning, no more fever and he's been drinking lots, too. I put him down for a nap so that he can get some rest this afternoon. Thank you again for all your help!!” 

 Should I say more? 


3. Fast Aid helps with asthma

 You would not be able to tell looking at my older child that at the age of 1 he was diagnosed with severe asthma and had to use puffers daily.  Trying to make him use those was a nightmare mixed with horror, to give you a proper picture of the situation. I won’t bore you with description of a rather long path it took us to heal him, but let me just focus on my key point here. For parents with  children suffering from asthma, Fast Aid will be a life-saver, limiting both frequency and intensity of attacks. I would recommend full BodyTalk treatment of course, but Fast Aid gives you a tool you can use on the spot, when it is needed. Like a puffer, but no steroids! YAY!

 Let me share another testimonial here:


 “While on holiday with my family in Paris, I had a sudden asthma attack after a brisk walk in the cold night air. After we sat down at our table in the restaurant, my sister-in-law started doing the cortices at a distance, from across the table. Within a short time, I yawned, and began to breathe normally. I was amazed, even though I am studying the BodyTalk system myself. I was so  grateful!  Thank you Tricia!” Asthma in Paris, Tracy, Student, Colorado. Source: International BodyTalk Association.


4. Colic or how to function without sleep

 Have you ever tried making a cup of coffee using a carrot? I know, I know… I did. Luckily before I finished stuffing it in the coffee container of the machine (wondering why this thing is not fitting properly) my husband came and asked what I was doing. Yeap… That’s sleep deprivation for ya when you are “on-demand-feeding-machine”. ;) Which I assume can only get worse when you  also have a colicky baby to comfort. 


 It is estimated that about 70% of newborns experience colic during the first weeks of their life. It is hardly surprising, considering how many changes their bodies have to get used to in a very short time. It takes quite a bit of effort for the little body to learn how to break down and assimilate food. Luckily for me, my first one was very happy with the bottle and handled it like a champ and by  the time I had my second one I knew few bodytalking “tricks”, so I can tell you first hand, that doing Fast Aid can improve functioning of the whole digestive system. It does not matter if they are just few hours old or teenagers. 


5. Keep them healthy, watch them grow. And have fun with it!

 There is no greater worry for parents than wellbeing of their children. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather prevent stuff from happening than deal with the consequences. And to me the absolutely spot-on approach is when I can help their bodies be their best in the least invasive way. So far I have not come across a modality that is able to achieve that faster and with more ease than  BodyTalk. Am I biased? Heck yes, but it is really hard to argue with hardcore evidence I see in my kids every day confirming this approach simply works. 

 Soon enough you will discover your kids will ask for BodyTalk, as they become more in-tune with their true needs. They may even start performing the techniques they learned by themselves or help their siblings, family members and peers in school. Those are simple, effective and fun ways not only to heal and balance, but simply to connect with one another. 


Fast Aid is only one of 5 techniques offered in BodyTalk Access class, which will be held in Mississauga on March 22nd. I would like to encourage every parent to learn all of those techniques that have ability to transform lives of families in the most amazing and effortless way. Register today to reserve your spot! Family discounts available.



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