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30. 09. 2014  

An Author Inspires me to Look Deeper  by Dave Huff

An Author Inspires me to Look Deeper

Thank you Meredith. Sometimes I forget that the impact of a session goes far beyond what we see on a table.  It is easy to see the difference BodyTalk makes when someone comes in with a restricted range of motion and leaves “loose as a goose”. It is gratifying when a client notices that they arrived tense and stressed and after the session feels “tired, but lighter”.  I have been reminded that the results of a session go far deeper.

Meredith Deasley is a family friend and former client. Meredith’s second book has just been published – The Resourceful Mother’s Secrets to Emotional Health – Understand Yourself, Understand Your Child. The book is brilliant. I do not say that just because there are kind words about me and that much of page 302 dedicated to BodyTalk. Meredith gets it. The book is targeted to anyone who wishes to parent themselves in the way they always wished they had been parented. It is worth the read. To find out if it resonates with you go to

After reading the story of Meredith’s upbringing,  John Veltheim’s  words popped into my mind - “cast the net farther,  keep asking  -further?, be aware there is more than just a symptom, there are factors that created it and ripple effects associated with it.” I decided to take a moment and use that principle to explore results beyond the end of a session. All I can say is WOW!


So many children have been saved from being spoken to sharply, brushed aside, (or worse), because their parent was no longer in pain or stressed. So many others have been spared the pain of divorce as belief systems get re-contextualized.  Parents relieved of the burden of worrying about their grown child. Co-workers and friends inspired by the change in attitude and behaviour of someone who has been receiving sessions.  Family’s transformed as their toddler is snapped out of the grip of Autism.  Life opportunities expanded as clients, who are teachers, take it upon themselves to teach the Cortices technique in their classroom. Quickly these children have noticed the difference and request the technique when feeling out of sorts. Some have even taught it to their parents, starting or accelerating their journey into conscious living.

The impact goes on and on, far beyond what I imagined. Whether clients have received a ‘communicate, balance, synchronize’ session of the BodyTalk core classes, or a ‘re-evaluate, re-contextualize, integrate’ formula from the PaRama BodyTalk protocol, my eyes have been re-opened to how much I take for granted and what an amazing tool we have in The BodyTalk System. 

Meredith refers to me as “a master”, I see now that she is right. Not just about me, but each of us. We are difference makers on a scale that is truly humbling. Take a moment and explore the ripple effects of sessions you have performed. It is worth the journey.

Shine brightly,

Dave Huff

PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner

BodyTalk Access Trainer


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