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11. 11. 2009  
Lest we forget
Canadian troops played a crucial role during the Second World War. More than one million men and women from Canada and Newfoundland served in the army, air force and navy.  Our service men and women made a mighty sacrifice from 1939 to 1945.
My father served in the Royal Canadian Navy. Rumor has it I was conceived on one of his leaves home to St. John, New Brunswick.  Another one of his wartime duties was serving as a "stoker" on the H.M.C.S. "INGONISH". The ship escorted convoys in the South Pacific and through the Panama Canal.  So we were one of the families back home - those mothers, wives, sons, daughters, grand children, nieces, nephews, girlfriends, grandparents, and communities who prayed daily for the return of loved ones. In total, more than 47,000 Canadians did not come home. 
My dear friend and mentor just passed away last Friday. ForDini's 80th birthday - after an ultralite flight! most of my life she was a constant inspiration for my personal esoteric education and evolutionary awareness. Dini Radstake came as a gift to me and to Canada lovingly wrapped as a war bride from Holland at the conclusion of the war. (See the photo of her flying an untralite at the age of 80!  DINI REALLY LIVED! I mean she REALLY LIVED!) 
The Dutch, having suffered through an extremely harsh winter (1944-45), enthusiastically greeted the Canadians and forged a strong friendship between the two countries that lasts to this day. She was one of thousands who, after the devastation in Europe, in the name of love not only left the ruins of their lives;  they severed their roots with family and friends. Of course, emotional bonds never end.
From the depths of so much hardship - the unimaginable experiences of those who still survive combat zones today around the globe - emerge the new souls who represent the past and the present evolution of humanity. Lest we forget?  Never.


Cherie Carpenter 

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