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04. 01. 2010  
Allergy/Intolerance Testing and Balancing Using the BodyTalk System and Glass Vials

Allergy/Intolerance Testing and Balancing Using the BodyTalk System and Glass Vials

No longer do clients have to avoid a host of things they were ‘allergic’ to - adding to their stress levels – as a way to correct the problem.  We desensitize the body without elimination diets or reactions.  Your body can learn to integrate these substances rather than having to fight against them.

Allergies are immediate reactions to one or more substances and can be caused by a complex mixture of chemical imbalances, emotional holdings, belief systems, environmental disturbances and genetic weaknesses.  Intolerances, often food related, are slower, more insidious reactions to one or more substances, making it more difficult for a person to realize they are harmful to the body.  These can lead to arthritic joints, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, headaches, skin disorders and chronic fatigue.

Now using ‘BodyTalk’ Body Chemistry Specifics I focus on the frequencies of imbalances using glass vials of information about that substance - to balance the allergies and intolerances that are often hidden in the much deeper levels of the subconscious programming.  This also addresses  the Fundamental Substances of the body – Protein, B Complex, Calcium, Vitamin C, Minerals, Fats, Sugars, etc. which the body needs to be balanced with to function properly.

Unlike some other allergy treatment programs, BodyTalk involves a short series of sessions (usually about 6 to 8) and a follow-up a few months later is often recommended.  Afterwards you can live allergy-free.  Your body becomes desensitized to the substance while restoring your immune response and overall health.

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