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05. 07. 2010  
BodyTalk Stories from the Phillipines by Dorothy Friesen,
... a few of the 10 pages of Access success stories  from Philippines In Their own Words

BodyTalk System Access in the Philippines   2009

         Ever since I was certified as a BodyTalk System Practitioner in 2002,  and then became an Access Trainer in 2006, I could see that BodyTalk and the Philippines would be a great fit.   So I was very happy to be able to teach nine Access classes in the Philippines January/February 2009, four of them with people affected by the toxic wastes left by the former US military bases, the rest in Metro Manila and southern Luzon.
         Laying this foundation for self empowerment through healing was made possible, thanks to co-ordinator Myrla Baldonado and the Pinoy BodyTalk Access Team Marianita Villariba, Myrna Arceo, Marilen Abesamis and Dra Aurora Asanza.
       I look forward to offering more Access classes and BodyTalk sessions in January/February, 2010. And Ben Manalo, Chicago advanced practitioner and Instructor will be teaching the professional BodyTalk Modules 1and 2.
                                                                        Dorothy Doray  Friesen


Experiences of   2009 Pinoy Access Graduates ... in their own words
Quezon City and Area

      My colds due to allergy had gone with the BodyTalk Access that I'm doing everyday so I'm looking forward that hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes would follow. 
Susan M. Libre
      I was able to practice Bodytalk with varied patients and our own beloved pets, 2 cats and 1 dog.. My office mates do not anymore rush to pop up pills for body pains, headache and body malaise. One fantastic experience I did have was fast aiding a colleague with first degree burn with her 3 fingers on the right hand. After 2 minutes she exclaimed , "in fairness nawala ang pulsating pain" ( in all fairness the pulsating pain just disappeared).
Maria Gemma Bunag

     Body Talk is beneficial. I practically do the techniques everyday to my father who has anxiety/depression and early alzheimer's disease . My father had a lot of mood swings - irrate, nervous, negative, forgetful, etc. But through Body Talk he no longer feel this way everyday. His mood swings and return to seclusion diminished to 4x or 5x a week. I hope this progress as I continue the tecniques!
             In the clinic of our local parish, I was able to tap children who were crying because of pain. After doing Body Talk for several minutes, they practically go silent and feel sleepy. This has the same effect to my 3 year old nephew, Enzo, who is very energetic.
          Thank you for teaching us Body Talk. It is a treasure to have in this world of ours where diseases and stress threaten our happiness and existence. As a nurse, I want to know more so I could help more.
      Maricel Munoz

I was in Toronto from Oct. 22-28 attending a conference. On the 23rd of oct. I caught a cold while waiting for a ride during a cold and wet night and started coughing and was having body aches . I also felt so exhausted from the conference. I did access while speakers were making presentations, discreetly without distracting the attendees. I was relieved and was able to finish the conference until 25th . Right after the conference which was 5 p.m. which I went to bed and continued to do access for the rest of the day, drank lots of fluids, ate fruits, took a vit. C pill. I was afraid I would catch the flu before going to the place of my cousin who is on dialysis at home.

I woke up the next morning without the pain and the sore throat and the cold.

What helped me was doing the whole 5 techniques and doing body chem every 30 mins. The same thing happened to me in Subic a year ago.

I'm so glad that with access I was able to prevent another flu. If not, this one would have been fatal. The doctor on TV reported that if one has the flu in Canada at this time, it is more likely H1N1. I haven't had my flu shot which I keep dodging and I'm doing well..
Myrla Baldonado

     Ed (husband) and I  practice BTA daily and we demonstrate it to our circles whenever needed.
          Last week, I went home to Lucena, Quezon. Since I havent had my blood chem and mammogram tests last year, i went to the hospital for my test. Knowing how painful the mammogram test can be, I did my cortices and reciprocals (eye and nipple). the technician observed me and asked what I was doing. I told her about BodyTalk.  I also asked her if she gets any pain or exhaustion after working inside the laboratory xray room. "Yes I often have a headache after a day inside this room." so I offered to tap her cortices. Well the whole session wasnt painful. As the technician prepared me for the 4 xrays, I tapped my eyes and nipples before the xray plates squeezed my breasts.
          Afterwards, I offered to help five other women staff in the clinic. As they had their cortices tapped, everyone was amazed at how fast they felt comfort. A cancer survivor was brought in by one of the women who felt good "here please tap her because she has cancer."  I asked permission to tap the woman and she gave it. As I was tapping her,  my whole body felt goose pimples and they saw my arm developed those galvanic skin response (gsr). "Look you are having your hair stand." Then she said" I am about to cry."  I let her cry and asked her how she felt. "I felt so good.", was her reply. Afterwards I had a short talk with her and promised to visit her again when I can.
        The day was a day for helping the women learn the cortices so they can manage the stress of working in a busy clinic where people are always stressed."please tap yourself whenever you start the work and after your day is over." was my parting gift.
      Well Doray, each week, I try to tap five people and monitor their progress. Am aiming to tap 100 people in six months and document what I learn.
      ....This week, I was busy tapping children  who went swimming and got beaten or  sprayed by jellyfishes, cut by oysters and bruised by sharp  seashells. The bleeding stopped and the inflammation subsided after  tapping. the children were all amazed and thankful for the fast  aid. So friends everywhere, keep practicing your cortices and fast aid.
Marianita Villariba.

Hello! @ good day to you!
I am very interested to go on with my training on Body Talk Modules .... with my experiences applying this module to my co-therapist if they dont feel better. After giving them this treatment an instant relief is acquired and I do believed that the deeper knowledge, the more I could give a better service to the people ineed. Thank you and more power to you! God bless.
Lydia Salido

I practiced the reciprocals on a kidney transplant patient at the height of Storm Ondoy as she just came from her dialysis. They were able to get home to Bantayog by wading through the flood for two hours. She was so cold, shivering and in pain when they got home. At that time i got stranded in Bantayog and had to sleep there on 26 Sept. as I got stranded and could no longer go home. I also practiced the body talk on myself as i felt cold at the height of the storm. Warm regards.          Agnes Rio
     My digestive system was starting to experience acid reflux and gastritis which made me feel weak. I did BT Access to make me feel better. I really did. Strengthening my immune system and calming down my fears with the BT routine will help me a lot travel with ease.    
Regina Hernandez

1. I fell flat on my bottom the other day (we conducted medical mission to the flooded area and over 1000 patients, mostly children with coughs and colds came - ten doctors and ten nurses, besides me taking blood pressure, etc before they see the doctor..) ... It did hurt, on my coccyx and sitting bones, but with Fast Aid within ten minutes, no pain after! Also, I thought I would catch colds, with all the virus flying around, but with Fast Aid  that night, no progress of the virus the next day!!.
2. I was off balance in the escalator - stooped to pick  ....... to be continued

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