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08. 03. 2011  
Valuable Uses for BodyTalk Access Techniques

USES OF BODYTALK ACCESS TECHNIQUES:  addresses 50 to 70% of household ills

Five basic techniques in the BodyTalk System are taught in a short one day workshop. These techniques profoundly affect a very wide range of health challenges. As well serve as an excellent way of maintaining health and optimizing the function of the body.

The Techniques can be applied in a few minutes – they are simple and effective

The full Access protocol consists of Cortices, Switching, Hydration, Body Chemistry and Reciprocals, these techniques have many uses: a significant effect on relieving and reducing pain, boosts the immune system, addresses allergies, toxins, microbes, reduce stress levels, improves clarity, creativity and memory, learning ability, and maintaining and improving overall health.


FAMILY & COMMUNITY – maximizing quality of life, greatly diminish health care costs

HOSPITALS AND REHAB – speeds up the healing process, sleep better, far less stressed

NURSING HOMES – improve quality of life, less stressed; need fewer pain killers, happier personality dynamics

ADDICTION CENTRES – reduces stress levels, clarifies thinking process, helps keep serotonin and dopamine levels in the right balance

PARAMEDICAL – the Cortices technique can immediately bring people out of shock, while helping the body stabilize itself. Relieves stress for the Paramedic

SOLDIERS - Prevents post-traumatic stress, halts the accumulation of stress in their lives

PRE & POST OPERATION – speeds up recovery, fewer complications and come out of anesthesia with fewer complications, a great advantage for out patients

MIDWIFERY – a dramatic difference in the whole birthing process, shorter delivery time, facilitates recovery and increase enjoyment of motherhood.

INFANTS – sleep better, digest food with far fewer feeding problems, relieves symptoms of stress

EDUCATION – improved learning curve and increased ability to read and desire to learn, avoid the state of mild ‘exam shock’, mental clarity, higher grades – both in young and mature students

PRISONS – improve ability to go thru rehabilitation and be restored as constructive members of society

CORPORATE WORLD – maintains health, reduce stress levels, improve brain function, focus better, more productive and happy, less mistakes, increase productivity, reduce sick days

DEVELOPING COUNTRIES – save governments millions and millions of dollars per year and at the same time greatly improve the quality of life of their people

SPORTS & PERFORMANCE – Access plays a huge role in recovery from injuries, maximize the health, and increase mental focus and tuned-in coordination of mental and physical balance.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE – important aspect of healthcare, and Access is one of the few techniques available that has excellent results and yet is simple to do and takes only a few minutes a day.

HOUSEHOLD PETS – works wonderfully on pets – improves and strengthens their health and general well being.

Imagine being able to improve health and well being with a health care program

that takes just minutes a day.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS:  $190. (discounts apply to seniors & students)

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