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22. 11. 2010  

BodyTalk Access: A Healing Model for Post Traumatic Stress By Cherie Carpenter, AdvCBP, CLSC, CBAT, CBI

BodyTalk Access: A Healing Model for Post Traumatic Stress 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that can develop after an individual has been directly involved in, witnessed, or heard about even one frighteningly traumatic event.  Affecting emotional, physical and mental stability, the probability of affliction with PTSD in combat soldiers is particularly high.

Symptoms include persistent vivid memories, nightmares, flashbacks of the event, depression and unconscious avoidance techniques which can be disturbing to family and friends. A symptom is the last stage of imbalance – the body is calling out for help – it needs to be heard.

A host of prescribed medications, lengthy therapy or more aggressive treatment methods may be used to relieve symptoms. Any of these may alleviate PTSD anxiety and stress symptoms.  BodyTalk Access is safe, simple, fast and non-invasive energy medicine that is winning the PTSD battle for many sufferers. Proven so effective, BodyTalk is the fastest growing healthcare system in the world today.  

The body and mind are not separate.  Stress and anxiety as the result of traumatic events can be short-circuited before they have the opportunity to infiltrate and imbed in the body’s natural defense armament. Non-medical personnel can learn and perform the simple techniques.

If the mind and body is under steady siege from Post Traumatic Stress, however, five areas are targeted in order that BodyTalk Access can effectively restore normal communication and alleviate all manner of combat fatigue.  

Several labels have been created to cover a wide range of typical symptoms. The body’s already busy lines of communication breakdown due to stress.  After completion of a brief training, BodyTalk Access can be administered anywhere. Requiring no special equipment – just a light tapping technique to restore communication, helping the body to heal itself – BodyTalk Access is ‘fast aid’ that can be administered on the field of action. Pain from lifting or spasms from sudden movement can be alleviated in seconds.  

Phobias are characterized by persistent, excessive and unreasonable fears of an object or situation. Beyond voluntary control, phobias significantly interfere with life.  

Social Anxiety Disorder victims cope with an excessive fear of social and/or performance situations. This manifests as retreat from feelings of embarrassment or humiliation. In avoiding social activities - parties, dating, performing or speaking in front of others

Generalized Anxiety Disorder worry excessively and uncontrollably about the events of daily life. Topics for anxious thoughts include possible negative events in the future, minor matters, a loved one becoming ill or dying, work issues, and world events.

Panic Disorder is characterized by unexpected and repeated panic attacks, followed by at least one month of worry about additional attacks and/or fear of something bad happening. Compromised physical, emotional, mental and spiritual functions can produce worries, such as going crazy, losing control, or dying.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder have obsessions, (unwanted ugly thoughts that create anxiety), and/or they engage in compulsions (repetitive mental or behavioral acts) in an attempt to reduce anxious feelings. Compulsions may include repeated hand-washing, checking, tapping, or mental routines (such as counting backwards from 100). An example of an intrusive thought is "I might get sick and die from touching a bathroom door". 

5 Valuable Techniques Taught:   The Cortices Technique improves and balances the communication between the two halves of the brain.  The technique Improves thinking ability, memory, and concentration.   The Switching Technique helps to normalize the body’s stress threshold to help with inattentiveness, confusion, and poor coordination.The Hydration Technique supports and improves the efficiency of all physiological processes by better utilization of the water it receives.   The Body Chemistry Technique will address presenting viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi/mold, allergies, food intolerances, and accumulated toxins.  It stimulates the immune system to address any chronic and acute conditions.   The Reciprocals Technique reestablishes the integrity of the structures of your body; effective with injuries, arthritis, co-ordination patterns circulatory issues, spinal problems, and a significant effect on many forms of injuries and chronic pain.   Fast Aid targets and resolves acute injuries or illness, safely and simply.  It speeds up recovery.   Go to for upcoming workshops

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