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27. 03. 2013  

Course Content of BodyTalk Fundamentals

It is wonderful to hear of your interest in BodyTalk To answer your question regarding the content of the Fundamentals of the BodyTalk System:

BodyTalk Fundamentals is the basic level - The Foundation of the BodyTalk System (Previously Modules 1 & 2) and takes 4.5 days.  (Or 4 days and one evening)

The BodyTalk System offers a balancing system for the bodymind complex in a non-invasive way that encourages improvements in bodymind communication and synchronization. These enhancements encourage the brain to target and improve health on all levels – mind, body, and consciousness – in a very unique way.

Once the basic levels of BodyTalk is learned healthcare practitioners can immediately utilize BodyTalk to enhance results for their clients while greatly expanding their scope of practice. Lay people can also greatly expand on the basic techniques learned in BodyTalk Access to maintain and enhance the health of their family and friends.

Course content includes:  how to use the neuro muscular bio feedback to lead the session (using muscle reflex to connect with innate intelligence of the bodymind.

There is a huge amount of information in the basic foundation.  One can develop a full and busy healthcare practice simply by using BodyTalk Fundamentals.

* BodyTalk theory * Balancing the cortices * Hydration of the body * Clearing blockages caused by scars and adhesions * Balancing the organs, endocrines, and body parts * Balancing body chemistry by stimulating immune responses to microbes, allergies, and toxins * Addressing stored emotional trauma, negative belief systems, and phobias * Addressing environmental effects on the bodymind: emotional, physical, and chemical  * Balancing the posture and correcting structural issues with the body  * Normalizing the circulation of blood, nerve, lymph, and energy  *Balancing the acupuncture meridian system and the chakra energy system *  Restoring energy imbalances between the client and certain aspects of the environment *   Specific balancing of brain function and improvement of the circulation of nerves and blood to, or within, specific areas of the body.

* Learn general techniques, including overall breathing patterns, left/right brain and body co-ordination energy blockages associated with birthplace or imbalances with the local environment * energy faults within the main brain cortexes, general and localized hydration * and health problems associated with internal and external scarring.

* Balance Extrinsic Reciprocals (the 36 surface energy points that often impact a person's energy level, mood, overall structural integrity, muscle tension, and digestive system. Surface energy imbalances can also cause pain in specific parts of the body.) * Lymphatic System, Nervous/Circulatory Systems * Energy Systems (Meridians, Blood Sugar, Chakras) * Environmental Systems * Cleansing the lymphatic system including all the body lymph glands and the lymph ducts *Correction of hereditary and/or environmentally influenced cell disorders * Repairing damage from vaccines.

the 4 day workshop counts for 32 hrs of CEU credits for the BodyTalk System Students.

More questions?  call toll free 1-877-884-1767 or email 

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