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20. 01. 2011  

I See A Mega~Cycle     Written and illustrated by Nicole C. Fisher (B.A.(Hons), B.Ed., C.B.P.)

Nicole C. Fisher (B.A.(Hons), B.Ed., C.B.P.)
...A visionary teacher, wholistic health practitioner, and environmental advocate. An integral part of her journey involves life-metaphors for inspired living...and biking for fun! This is her first children's family book. She lives with her family north of Toronto, Ontario.

About the Book

Do you like to bike?

Have you ever thought that cycling has a lot to do with how Nature works?

In I See The Mega-Cycle, outdoor biking merges with the philosophical as it honours life's physical and inner adventure, and speaks to the wise childhood spirit inherent in us all.

As life twists and uplifts, find comfort here in the rhythm of the rhyme, play with new vocabulary and metaphorical images, and joust with the edges of your awareness.

As we ride a bridge exploring ancient and modern wisdom, let's nurture opportunities for deeper conversations about improving our relationship with the natural environment...and help heal ourselves and our planet.

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About The Author 

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