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25. 01. 2011  

I Have Altered my Belief in What is Possible - Ethel Rowntree 

I have been interested in healing since I was a child. When I was ten years old my father experienced a bleeding stomach ulcer that erupted like a volcano and we lived far from medical care. Although he got to emergency help in time, a desire awakened within me to facilitate healing for people in crisis

That desire led to a first career in nursing that while fulfilling in some ways was not as rewarding as I had hoped. Clearly it was not about seeing people get well in the way that I had envisioned, and most often, not even about bringing any degree of lasting comfort. Believing that I was just too idealistic, I worked in nursing until a back injury forced me to make a change.

Disillusioned by the healthcare system, I spent ten successful years in real estate followed by a stint in corporate training and motivational speaking. Eventually however, I could no longer avoid my interest in people’s wellbeing and I returned to school, believing that psychotherapy might be the way I could make a difference.

Keenly interested in the psycho-spiritual connection, I first studied to become a Certified Pastoral Counsellor, and then completed a BA in Social Development Studies, a degree unique to the University of Waterloo, incorporating psychology, social work and sociology.

After graduating, I set up a private counseling practice and over the next decade, was privileged to witness significant progress as clients worked through issues and crises in their individual, family and work lives. During that time I had a personal health crisis; an encounter with colorectal cancer. It was caught in time and following surgery required neither chemotherapy nor radiation, but it was a wakeup call that reminded me of my interest in physical health. Eventually it led me to begin a search for an alternative therapy that would combine my interest in “whole person healing”.

In the end, it was not research but a friend’s recommendation that led me to Body Talk in early 2010. After just one session I knew it was what I had been looking for and immediately began to fulfill the requirements to become a Certified Body Talk Practitioner.

It has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and I continue to see amazing results on a daily basis. My counseling clients experience improved results and dramatically shortened time frames as their body’s innate wisdom directs their healing in the right sequence. And physical changes I have witnessed in a wide range of physical symptoms have altered my belief in what is possible.

My very first paid client had tremendously persistent back pain disappear at the end of just one session, in response to work regarding an emotional issue (never having even addressed the spine!)  Another had the priority for healing of an elbow injury come up in the exact sequence in which bruising had appeared, first the upper arm, then the lower, before the elbow itself, without my knowing how it had occurred. She too was immediately released from the pain and movement restriction she had been experiencing. Since then I have learned increasingly to trust the sequencing and wording of the process directed by innate wisdom; my own and that of the client’s body.

Simply said, Body Talk is a profoundly effective healing modality that provides an opportunity to witness things from the perspective of practitioner, client, or observer that defy one’s understanding and expands our ability to believe in and receive healing. It is a system that combines healing of the body, mind and spirit, encompassing all areas of my interest, education and experience. How blessed I am to see healing facilitated in every client session. Just what I had wished for as a child!


Ethel Rowntree, CBP 

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St. George ON N0E 1N0


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