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06. 02. 2011  

VANISHING TWIN Syndrome: Fetal Life Perceptions Watch for workshop dates


Syndrome: Fetal Life Perceptions

As many as one in eight of us start out in the womb with company (womb mates) and then something happens and they vanish – usually between the 3rd and 4th month.  This leaves a number of issues for the Surviving Twin, such as abandonment & feeling alone, or never wanting to be alone, low self esteem, sabotage relationships, unexplainable guilt or grief, overwhelming sadness, disconnected, seeking perfection and unconditional love, and so forth.

These perceptions create issues that lead to reactive behaviors that seem unexplainable and can lead to stress, and physical & emotional issues throughout life.

Diannah Benson offers a one-day course on how to treat Vanishing Twin Syndrome with a BodyTalk approach.

Connecting the Womb Experiences to Present Day Perceptions Can Be Life Changing

If you, or one of your clients finds out they are a Vanishing Twin Survivor in the womb, it can go a long way in understanding who you are, and why you see the world the way you do.

For example, have you always been a loner, doing things that need to be done without asking for help but wishing that you had someone to share your life with?  Do you find you can never find that person that would make you feel complete?

In the womb, if you are a womb survivor, and have found yourself alone because your twin(s) vanished suddenly, your perception could be a sense of loss, and a sense that you are alone!  After you are born, even when surrounded by family and loved ones, you will still have a sense of loneliness – that something or someone is missing in your life.

As you mature, you will create the belief in your life that you want to be alone as a form of punishment because your wombmate(s) left and you must have done something wrong.  This is a subconscious perception you are acting out.  Conversely, you may never want to be left alone!

Through the BodyTalk System, one is able to access the womb issues, and find out where and how they have impacted the physical body; then bring awareness of the emotional issues that relate to this experience.  Awareness awakens you consciously to this issue and helps release the stress & reactive behaviors in the subconscious programming.  This allows you to live a more responsive life and lessens the need to defend and protect yourself from ‘previously unknown issues’.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome: Fetal Life Perceptions Course brings in Five Elements, Five Senses, Organs, Endocrines, Body Parts, Planets, Houses, Sacred Geometry, Bach Flower Remedies, etc. as ways of helping to access, understand & balance the womb experience. Cost of Course: $295 + HST including a Manual.  This is not a BodyTalk Course, but can be used effectively with the BodyTalk protocol.  No certificates will be issued or titles given. However, it can change your life and that of your clients!

Early Bird Fee paid no later than two weeks before the course is $275 + HST.

WORKSHOP:  Workshops being scheduled  - For more information, or to preregister contact Diannah on line

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