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21. 04. 2011  

Using Word of Mouth to Promote Your BodyTalk Business

Using Word Of Mouth

To Promote Your BodyTalk Business

Marketing a small business through word of mouth isn’t anything new.  It is one of the most cost effective methods to increase client base.  While it is important, what I have found, through my own business career is that often entrepreneurs aren’t using word of mouth as well as they could.  This results in them losing out on great opportunities to promote and grow their business.

One of the biggest mistakes that is made is that our presentations are too long and we end up losing peoples interest.  We end up sounding like Charlie Brown’s teach to them.  It is crucial that we remain respectful of their time and remember that there is a very small window of time built in to get our message across.  Therefore, it is extremely important that you develop a script where you explain, in 45-60 seconds what BodyTalk and your business is about so that you get your audience interested in what you do so they will be compelled to find out more.

The nice thing is that a 45-60 second piece can be used anywhere you go, and, if it is simple enough, it can easily be repeated to others by those same people who heard it from you.

So here are 8 tips on developing a compelling 45-60 seconds…

1.       Keep to this allotted time – don’t try to go longer, in fact, aim for 45 seconds if you can.   Remember more is less.

2.       Decide what one key message do you want to get over and what will you cover to help you achieve this?

3.       Consider starting your pitch by posing a question which will capture your listener’s attention and then explain how your business can help achieve this or help.

4.       Make it interesting so your listener wants to listen to you.  Depending upon where you are you can make it amusing, use props, tell a story or mention a special offer you have going on.

5.       Focus on what you do and how you can help rather than what you are e.g. ‘I help people feel good about how they look’ versus ‘I am an image consultant’

6.       Finish with a memorable tag line or catch phrase which will help people remember your services

7.       Make sure that your message conveys your passion – passionate people exude energy get people’s attention. If you can’t be passionate about what you do you may have to ask yourself some searching questions.

  1. Finally practice, practice, practice… Word of mouth marketing can be really effective but it needs to be perfected and practiced.

By following these tips, you will make sure that you stand out to people and this will get them to make themselves available to find out more about BodyTalk and help spread the word.

Helen Smeh, CBP

Workshops, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, CBP


3467 Woodhurst Crescent


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