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20. 04. 2011  
Ontario BodyTalk Association   News - Spring 2011

Ontario BodyTalk Association Spring 2011

Consciousness planted a quantum acorn seed in October 2010 with Dr. Veltheim’s matrix session for BodyTalk in Ontario.  Since then, there has been a gratifying awakening with the enthusiastic participation of BodyTalkers from Ottawa to London, and Sudbury to Toronto (and whispers on the wind from the spirit of the North) – all rallying to birth the Ontario BodyTalk Association (OBTA).  Marking the completion of the embryonic cycle stands our collective mission statement:  “To create unity and action within Ontario through education and awareness of BodyTalk as a professional healthcare system.”

Now, our seedling is stretching to greet the warmth of spring and harness the power of the sun within a supportive environment.  For the OBTA, this involves us reaching out with this first official letter and creating an OBTA website; warming your heart with the benefits we envision thus far to support your practice and encourage your participation; and infusing life energy financially into the organization to make our mutual goals a reality.

What ideas are in the works?

A powerful presentation was made to register the OBTA as a professional healthcare organization – a brilliant idea!  This has tree-mendous expansion implications in working with employee benefit coverage for BodyTalk in the corporate world and with insurance companies. And, based on research conducted by Nicole and Dave, we are approximately 5 years away from being ready for the bureaucracy and expense associated therewith.  In preparing for this, we propose a central website repository for information regarding:

o How to medically document results about the effectiveness of BodyTalk
o How to professionally approach organizations with a united front to ensure we each deliver the same message
o How to collect/access factual statistics and information about reimbursement and CEU’s within Ontario
o How to leverage your clients appropriately for insurance company reimbursements for BodyTalk sessions by providing a “Practice and Procedure” package 

 In the meantime, another idea which has been waiting to germinate is that of becoming a Not-For-Profit Association.  This initiative features promotional savings, free advertising, and public awareness.  Combined with our soon-to-be-developed website, we will provide a central face for the public which provides a non-partisan resource of all BodyTalk related activity by region.

How can we support your practice and encourage your participation?

Conscious effort has been put into keeping a fresh energy at our meetings.  We want them to be empowering events, not belaboured tasks.  That atmosphere has resulted in our rapid progress with current ideas and start-up initiatives.  We envision providing you with:

o A local user-friendly discussion board
o Full-feature e-mail accounts which can forward messages to your main account so you only need to check one source and the extension identifies you as a member
o A printable calendar of up-coming presentations/courses to promote BodyTalk in your wellness centre
o A calendar of up-coming events of interest and value to practitioners and students
o Savings on shipping costs associated with IBA promotional materials
o On-going mentoring opportunities to build confidence and comradery (including sessions and cost-sharing among those interested at promotional events large and small)
o Use of the new Ontario logo, promotional materials and clothing currently being designed and priced (hopefully you noticed the logo in the letterhead...our thanks to Mike Borgh for submitting the winning  entry).
o And our favourite:  the Annual OBTA Symposium – Plans have already started for the first event this fall!

What is building the Ontario BodyTalk matrix worth to you?

Registering as a Not-For-Profit organization, building a website, and other initiatives require start-up funds.  Part of keeping the energy alive includes implementing membership fees.  Instead, we are taking a donation-based approach.  Various ideas were suggested including:  $52 (the equivalent of $1/week); the price of whatever a single session generates for you; or one day’s income from your BodyTalk business.

The amount doesn’t matter.  It is the energy associated with the act that does matter.  With a little dig, Dave reminds us that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one state to another...and the more one gives to something, the more they receive.  So give whatever feels right for you at this time.  It is all appreciated.

With your donation, you receive a one-year membership.  All donations are held in strictest confidence by our Treasurer, Nancy Croth.  To make a donation, cheques should be made payable to:  Ontario BodyTalk Association, and then mailed to:
Nancy Croth
457 Laurel Gate Drive
Waterloo, ON
N2T 2S1

While we do incur a minor cost, if you prefer, donations can be made via PayPal.  For now, electronic donations can be forwarded to our president’s account at:
Dave will then make sure the funds reach Nancy.
We hope you are as excited as we are to be part of BodyTalk at this time.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read the newsletter, and thank you for your continued support in nurturing this acorn... “a new idea with sacred potential for long-term transformation” (Colette Baron-Reid, Messages From Spirit).

Shine Brightly!

Dave and Nicole

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