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05. 06. 2011  

Quebec Body Talk Community!  Exciting News Update

Exciting news update about the Quebec Body Talk Community!

What an amazing week! Cherie came to Laval to teach Access, Module 1 & 2 and give a presentation.

The energy was vibrant, inspirational, enthusiastic, enveloping and healing just like Cherie. Her courses (and the public presentation) were educational, interesting, motivating and fun. Even the neighbor’s cat came of her own volition. She crept through the front hallway and was in no hurry to leave. One day, when Cherie was doing a session on one of the students, the front door was closed but the window was open. She was brushing against the screen, walking the window ledge back and forth meowing: “I want a session too.”

We saw everyone of the students transform before our eyes every day. We saw them shed their stress and limitations and, acquire a new awareness. Every day, they all looked happier, lighter, younger and more vibrant than the day before.

As for us, we got to feel the benefits of being showered in that energy.

Cherie being the generous person that she is did a fantastic session for the Quebec Body Talk community.  We will ALL reap the benefits. A HUGE thank you to Cherie for all that you give.

Cherie and Gary, we really are looking forward to seeing you, back here in November 2011 for Access and Advanced Practical.

And a special mention to Gary. He is like the glue that keeps everything together and running smoothly.  You made our work as coordinators much easier.  Thank you for your guidance.

We would like to thank all the people who came to the presentation and showed an interest in Body Talk. We hope we will see you again soon. Tell all your friends, family, coworkers and people you meet, that Cherie is coming back in November 2011.

And a special thank you to our fellow Body Talkers for all their collaboration. You helped us  make this BodyTalk week a successful one.

And we would also like to thank all the students who took time away from their busy schedules to attend the courses. It was an awareness week.

And we really look forward to seeing you all again soon in practice sessions and future Body Talk courses.  Welcome to the BodyTalk community!!!

Wendy Despins, CBP and Lise Lebuis, CBP Workshop Coordinators



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