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17. 10. 2011  

Letter From The Ontario BodyTalk Association Dave Huff and Nicole Fisher

Thanks to everyone who supported the Ontario BodyTalk Association “Celebrate the Future” event at the Homewood Suites in Vaughan on October 1st.  It was a day of fun, enthusiasm, rekindling old friendships and creating new relationships.

Brilliant presentations wove together throughout the day:  Tara Beharry set the tone for the day with an inspiring opening ceremony; Ben Manalo, the IBA Vice President for members, provided a virtual welcome and reminder that we are all leaders; Dave Huff then started the presentations with perspectives on how consciousness is the link that connects all life together; Cherie Carpenter reminded us how far BodyTalk has come in Ontario over the years and identified the numerous people responsible for its growth; Tracey Clark-Worrall wowed us all with her interactive insights into attitudes and beliefs, 

leaving everyone to discuss over lunch - ? Why Not??;   Richard Stuart took virtual presentations by Skype to a whole new level ? surprising everyone when he arrived in person to share his wisdom of honouring each other; Diannah Benson showed the physical manifestation process for the concepts presented earlier in the day ? keep your eye out for her new Sacred Geometry course!  Diane Chung used an effective and entertaining role-play demonstration to illustrate the difference and significance when we practice BodyTalk from the heart. The day culminated in a brilliant physical display via a multi-practitioner session on the Ontario BodyTalk Association matrix.

In the midst of all this we also elected our new executive: Dave Huff and Nicole Fisher continue for the next year as President and Vice President respectively; Brigitte Veith and Luke Morrison enter as Treasurer and Secretary.

Everyone left knowing that we are each leaders in the movement to create a society where all are empowered to be changes we want to see in our communities.  For the OBTA, this includes getting ready for next year?s symposium, which is already set for September 29, 2012.   Mark your calendar  and remember ? the only limits that exist are those you place on yourself. Anything is possible!

Shine Brightly,

Dave & Nicole

PS: the next OBTA meeting is December 10th, 2011. Details will soon be posted on the Ontario BodyTalk Association Facebook page.







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