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01. 11. 2011  
Your Body's Messages of Wisdom Cherie Carpenter, CLSC, AdvCBP, CBI

Your Body's Messages of Wisdom

Your body has remarkable innate healing wisdom.  When you cut your finger or sprain your ankle, healing takes place automatically. What if you could communicate with this wisdom when symptoms of more complex illness and disease appear? Or imagine effortlessly alleviating symptoms of allergies, anxiety, insomnia, back pain or fibromyalgia?

Quantum physics has helped us understand that every cell, organ, endocrine, body part and system within the body is in constant communication with each other in an attempt to maintain optimal health. Daily exposure to stress on physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and spiritual levels overload our natural lines of communication, causing them to break down.

When you think about how much work our body does without our awareness, it's easy to see how we underestimate its unique intelligence! A healthy body is a magnificent, smoothly running piece of machinery! It is wise beyond all measure. For instance, it digests food and converts it into energy to keep us moving. Every day the body eliminates what we can’t use and it stores stuff – like toxins and fat.  And then this brilliant body of ours shuts down for several hours while we sleep and repair. At least, it does this most of the time. Sometimes, like any piece of machinery, breakdowns happen.

A symptom is our body’s way of getting our attention!!

And our body becomes less efficient as it tries to repair and adapt to these breakdowns. Eventually, as a last resort, the body will create symptoms or it invites injury. Yes…when you fall on that ice patch and break your arm, your body is giving you a BIG message. It needs attention. Our body is so clever! And often it requires more than rest to correct and restore itself. It needs help to re-connect internal lines of communication.

Symptoms of all sorts – some very subtle – disappear as the body responds to some TLC. In what I do, for example, a refined muscle reflex technique (neuromuscular biofeedback) is used – not a diagnosis. This means the body identifies its own healing priority and sequence; its cry for help is heard. When internal lines of communication are re-established the natural flow of healing energy brings the body back into balance. It’s a simple, sensible and safe way to function at our best.

People are always interested in finding out how natural healing can take place so effortlessly. One of the key components is based on ancient yogic traditions. A light tapping procedure on the head and sternum – often with exaggerated breathing to help the body locate and target the corrections – accelerates the body’s healing process. Relief from a wide range of conditions - including acute virus, fear, stress, arthritis, or any emotional, mental or digestive disorder to name just a few - can be obtained in this manner. Clients also report to me a normalizing of their weight as the body regains a healthy balance.

An increasing number of laypersons are beginning new careers in holistic health care. And established Canadian health care professionals are integrating energy medicine into their practices: medical doctors; chiropractors; naturopaths; massage therapists; psycho-spiritual therapists; and yoga instructors. They are delighted to see gentle and profound results in healing and a rejuvenated sense of wellbeing in their patients and clients. When the body cries for help, listen to your body’s message of wisdom.  

Cherie Carpenter, CLSC, AdvCBP, CBAT, CBI

Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Trainer and Instructor

PH: 1877-884-1767

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