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23. 11. 2011  

Kirkland Lake Gets Introduction to BodyTalk System  By Eleanor Ng, CBP

BodyTalk System:  Kirkland Lake Gets Introduction to BodyTalk System

By Eleanor Ng, CBP (Posted 11 hours ago in the) 'NORTHERN NEWS'

KIRKLAND LAKE - Cherie Carpenter, a Certified BodyTalk Instructor and Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, was recently in Kirkland Lake to teach a BodyTalk Access course. This is a one day workshop offered to the general public that teaches five simple and highly valuable techniques to help regain and maintain good health.

Over the past ten years, Cherie has made special efforts to bring BodyTalk to Northern Ontario and in addition, has been instrumental in bringing BodyTalk too much of Ontario. The following is an interview with Cherie.

Q. Would you briefly explain, what is BodyTalk?

A.  The BodyTalk System is a simple, safe and surprisingly effective way to heal the body.

Q. What would someone expect in a BodyTalk session?

A. In a BodyTalk Session, first of all, the client is fully clothed and rests on a massage table (or seated). During the session, there is no diagnose or prognosis given. The BodyTalk practitioner asks questions of the client's body through a muscle reflex or muscle response technique. We tune into the innate wisdom of the bodymind to find out which parts need better communication and harmony in order to improve function.

The practitioner then uses a light tapping technique to balance the brain and restore internal communication systems. We tap gently on the head to ask the brain to repair the priority and a gentle tapping on the heart helps the body remember it has been repaired.

We use an extensive protocol chart, (from the western medical model to the Chinese model and everything in between to find out what needs to be addressed, balanced, restored or repaired. The questioning and priority techniques are applied in a specific sequence -tailor made specifically for each client. Each person has a unique body story.

The body then initiates its own healing processes. Your body knows how to heal itself -it simply needs to remember how!

You cannot hurt anyone with BodyTalk. If a particular technique doesn't make the connection, it simply means there will be no result or change. It will not make the situation worse.

Q. Cherie, you are an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner and also a certified BodyTalk Trainer and Instructor. You have been spear-heading BodyTalk in much of Ontario for the past ten years. Would you give us some idea of how BodyTalk is spreading in Northern Ontario and the rest of the world?

A.  When I first started practicing BodyTalk, there were very few BodyTalk Practitioners in Ontario (except from Thunder Bay.) I decided to host a class with my partner, and it brought in people from all over the world. BodyTalk was not well known in Canada, (except for Calgary) but was "hot" in other countries. Since that time we have coordinated over 480 classes, with instructors from around the globe. I have taught over 200 of these workshops myself.

BodyTalk into the North!   We really are compromised with our health care in the North. Many small communities have to fly out for emergencies, even slight emergencies. BodyTalk gives us easy tools we can use to help us help ourselves. "

BodyTalk can be seamlessly integrated into all other health care systems enhancing results. One can begin a new career or simply take it to help family and friends.

We are quite excited to see this coming to the forefront of health care. I would love to see it integrated into Ontario's health care system. (Further information can be found at www.bodytalksystems.comthe International BodyTalk Association.)

Q. What are your plans for the North now?

A. I will be teaching another Access workshop in New Liskeard in the not too distant future and have been asked to teach in Timmins and Sault St Marie. In the spring I am teaching BodyTalk Fundamentals in Espanola and in Kirkland Lake.

Currently, Eleanor Ng (705-567-6505), Debra Rouse (705-568-8471) and Shelley Bouchard (705-567- 6741) are practicing BodyTalk in Kirkland Lake and the surrounding area.

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