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21. 02. 2012  

My Fascination With The Heart .... Cherie Carpenter

My fascination with the heart began in the spring of 1994 ♥                                               

When the call came it didn’t take long to pack and leave – a 20 hour drive against time.  The doctor at the hospital said he wouldn’t make it.  His heart! 

We arrived late evening - past bed time for patients. I dearly wanted to see him, hoping to have a few words before he passed away.  My siblings each had their turn so when I arrived they said I could have a few minutes with him, and then he needed his rest.

He looked so frail for a man who worked physically hard all his life. My heart went out to him and for my siblings.  The lump in my throat was so big I could hardly breathe. My heart was pounding so loud I couldn’t hear.

When he opened his eyes and recognized me he said, “I am glad you made it…I guess it won’t be long…it’s my old ticker….”

Before I knew it my mouth was moving and I heard myself saying, “You know we are all here and in a few minutes when I leave the room, just talk with your heart.   Say hello!  Have a conversation and let your mind wander over your lifetime and think of the times you experienced life through your heart: the joys, the sorrows, the emotions that moved through your heart. The times you were in awe with nature around you – the views of clouds, oceans and trees and each one of us when we first began to smile and laugh – all eight of us.  

The burnt toast Mom made more than occasionally, how you teased her unmercifully and laughed from your belly when she reacted. The sun coming up and the dew sparkling on the grasses, the rain sparkling down on a sunny day, the raspberry garden that gives you so much pleasure and the stories you haven’t shared with us that tickled your heart.

Say ‘thank you’ to your heart; I am grateful for all the work you have done pumping blood all these years.  Share with your heart - talk to it - tell it how much you appreciate all the feelings experienced to make you know you were truly alive.   This will help you pass the night and remember… if you need or want someone… we are all here.  Pick one…Just ask the nurses.  Promise me!”

The lump returned to my throat and tears rolled down my cheeks as I left the room with all the tubes and oxygen and the uneven beat of his heart – hospital sounds.

The hospital staff was very good to us. We all stayed in the room – two couches - and they brought in extra chairs for us to wait it out.

I didn’t sleep much; meditation and deep breathing got me through the night. As the first signs of morning showed over Lake Superior the same nurse who greeted me the evening before gently opened the door and beckoned me…

She addressed me in the hall and said, “We don’t know what happened.  He came through the night and not in crisis!  No signs of heart attack – it is not possible!  He wants to see you and he is doing extremely well.  Please don’t stay long as we are watching him closely.”

…..  He looked like his old self, blue eyes twinkling and smiling.  “You did that!” he said… “No Dad, you did!” 

He lived for 3 more great years, working in his raspberry garden, fishing and picking berries in the summers with his children.  One August midnight after a full day of picking blueberries he went to sleep and gently left.   His heart simply stopped beating.

A few years later BodyTalk found me and I began my life’s journey in a new heart felt way – a fascination with the heart has grown to a full blown love affair.   And we have not even scratched the surface. Check:    Celebrating the Energetics of the Heart - Valentine’s Day  - from the Institute of Heart Math

Cherie Carpenter, CLSC, AdvCBP, CBAT, CBI

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