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05. 09. 2012  
BodyTalk Matrix Support and Study Group for South Western Ontario

BodyTalk Matrix Support and Study Group

For South Western Ontario

It has been some time in the making but I feel it is time to take action in supporting and strengthening the South Western Ontario Bodytalk growth through study sessions, exchanges and joint initiatives. It is my humble opinion that we need each other to grow beyond our limits and expand in to unforeseen territory. 

I would like to suggest a study/exchange group be started beginning in September. I was considering the 3rd last Sunday of the month to meet from 1-4pm at Vyana Wellness Clinic in Waterloo. Each month we could choose a particular section of Bodytalk and review the material and share ideas around our understanding of the material. 

 I have also drafted a proposal on behalf of the OBTA to introduce BodyTalk in to some existing health care agencies such as retirement homes, hospitals and schools. If you wish to be included in the list of people available to take a placement in one of these agencies please let me know. This would probably begin on a volunteer or donation basis until Bodytalk is recognized as a viable and effective treatment strategy to be implemented in to agencies and health care settings. I believe part of the growth of Bodytalk can be influenced by the kinds of initiatives where we as a organization reach out to our local communities to offer the benefits of BodyTalk.

Michael Cruickshanks BA DTCM, RA, CBP
Certified Bodytalk Practitioner
Registered Acupuncturist
Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine


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