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05. 09. 2012  

Is It Possible To Have an Okay Day This Week?

Is it possible to have an okay day this week?

Russell Scott 

I know there’s lots of things in life that may not be okay: somebody at work, the car repairs, the bills, a relationship, our weight, our money situation, etc but can we consciously choose to make all these things okay one day this week?

Making our life or ourselves okay doesn’t mean we accept that our problems are there forever or we can’t change them, it just means we accept that they are there in the moment and just for one day, we are not going to obsess about them. Resisting them just causes us more pain. We keep pushing them away and yet they keep coming at us.

Maybe by letting go of the resistance we can see deeper into the issues and understand what is really going in. Can we just let them be there…not forever just for now?

Can we also just let them go? 

Imagine all of our problems are one side of a magnet: the negative side and they are attracting a positive: the solution. We don’t have to do anything about it. Experiment with that. Give them all up…to god, the earth, the great spirit or Fred the good mechanic down the road (who fixes all problems). Let us just be open to a solution that we haven’t seen...just for one day.

Imagine that there is a good reason for what is unacceptable in our lives. Maybe that which is unacceptable is moving us to something better. Its there for a reason we are not seeing. Let us be open to that new perspective. Let that occur.

Then, can we be okay with all the “okay” things in our life?

Hey things don’t have to be extraordinary or blissful all the time, do they? Let us be at peace with the things and people that are stable, ordinary and give us joy. Let us appreciate the goodness that is there. We overlook what is “okay” by overlaying what is “not okay” on top.

Just for one day, consciously choose to let things be exactly the way they are.

Who knows maybe we can change the name of one of the days of the week to “Okayday”. For the time being though let us let that one go too. We’ve got enough on our plate. One day at a time, right?

Try this out some day this week and let me know how it goes.


Russ no fuss

BodyTalk Technician


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