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23. 11. 2012  

WOW! Run, Don’t Walk

WOW! Run, Don’t Walk!  By Diannah Benson CBP, CBAT, PaRama 1

Wow!  What a wonderful learning and relearning experience I had recently.  I attended the BodyTalk Fundamentals course, a refresher on the old and new – especially the Exploring Procedures, and to familiarize myself with the information in the new Fundamentals Manual I had purchased a while ago, but never seemed to have time to read from cover to cover, which was my original intent when I bought it.

The absolutely amazing bonus was having Cherie Carpenter and Tracey Worrell co-teach this class.  Each has their own unique way of expressing the material.  The words they use will tweak the brain differently, and give another perspective to the material.   They bring a fresh new way of seeing things.

The visuals that Tracey used for the Exploring Procedures, and referencing Computerize language for moving in and out of the boxes was brilliant.  Cherie got us thinking by asking questions on the material just covered, and each supported or expanded on the other’s teachings with examples and case studies.  While one was teaching, the other was there to assist with the practice sessions, and to input additional information when asked.

I loved the expression of Priority being the “garbage of the day”, and referencing the Corpus Callosum being like Skype – both sides talking at once, and the Cortices tapping is like the phone which brings clarity to the conversation.

I learned a new way of working with the Protocol chart that I hadn’t considered before.  After Permissions, it is important to ask if Sections are a priority.  Because we have the Permissions bubble at the top and Other Systems at the bottom, that are not part of Sections, we may have missed going there.  By asking if Sections are a Priority, and the answer is no, then we have to check to see if Permissions is still a Priority, or if Other Systems is a Priority.  Felt that was very useful.

Another part that brought more clarity was viewing Section 2: General Environment as: 1) the factor – what in the environment (which is external to the person) is triggering something internal – belief system, rules, etc., so one uses the tool box (Orientation box) to find out: 2) Where is this factor entering – head, heart or pelvis generally, then: 3) What is it affecting – so organ, endocrine or body part – physiological response.  I had not thought of the Orientation box located on the Procedures Chart as different from the one on the Protocol chart – but now I see how they differ, and calling it a tool box makes it clearer to me.  Picking up little things like this helps to reframe it, and bring new ways of seeing and working with it.

Another piece I found as a good visual was thinking when doing Birth Vivaxis with a client, that their birth location association somewhere along the line got a kink in the umbilical cord, so they have problem grounding to where they live now.  The suggestion was to see it as a lawn hose – less likely to kink.  As this is about an energetic balance, and where we are birthed is a unique energetic fingerprint – to ley lines of earth and planet alignments, it is an important and unique part of us that can be addressed easily through the BodyTalk System.

Whether you are a seasoned BodyTalker or a newbie, if Cherie and Tracy are co-teaching again, run, don’t walk, to the nearest computer and register real quick.  You will be glad you did.

Diannah Benson, CBP, CBAT, Parama 1

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