What Students and Instructors are Saying – from the CBI experience

Christine Barrie, CBI  - Christine’s Bio

  • Students have attended my BodyTalk Fundamentals classes for varying reasons.
  • Some students wish to learn more about how their body works or how to enhance their healing business with further studies.
  • Both types of students seek information regarding enhancing wellness and working to balance physical and energetic systems in the body.
  • BodyTalk Fundamentals is an amazingly comprehensive and succinct course for these purposes! It is indeed a value for your time and money.
  • Other students attend my BodyTalk Fundamentals classes for purely personal wellness reasons.
  • They seek to balance or heal some aspect of their personal lives and well-being.

I have been blessed to witness many miraculous changes in students’ physical health, mental & spiritual clarity and emotional joy by the end of each course!  Students report that they know what they want to do, that they have never been so excited and engaged by anything before, and that they have had long term physical ailments healed due to the 4 day course and the number of sessions we "practice" for real!  It is truly a gift to be part of this course work!   … Christine

Cherie Carpenter, CBI - Cherie’s Bio

The simplicity and complexity of BodyTalk Fundamentals, Part one and two!  It is a very full, but easy to grasp set of principles and techniques.  Effects could be observed almost immediately over the weekend.

I liked the hands on, experiential approach enhanced learning.  The course structure facilitates learning and benefits both the teacher and student physically, mentally and spiritually…. SP

BodyTalk Fundamentals is the most comprehensive system I have learned.  It makes esoteric teaching translate into healing on in individual and planetary level.

I liked all the hands on practice, the inter-activeness in class and the responsiveness of the instructor. 

Each student added a different perspective.   We had lots of opportunity to practice the techniques on each other.  Powerful health care tools!
I liked the opportunity for hands on work and the atmosphere that gives individual attention with the protocol and techniques.
I am absolutely amazed how the BodyTalk approach seamlessly integrates the other modalities that I do!   It brings everything together into one whole system!  I am very excited to bring this into practice to enhance the health and healing that the clients come to me for.

“The strength of the BodyTalk System lies in its simplicity.  Just do the technique and stay out of your own way!  It is easy to learn.  It is so rewarding to practice!”… Cherie Carpenter, AdvCBP, BAT, CBI

Tracey Clark, CBI – Tracey’s  Bio

“BodyTalk is healing from the inside out.  Your body has a unique story that needs to be hard.. A BodyTalk practitioner acts as a translator to help restore communication within the bodymind so that the body can go about doing what it is designed to do!  Heal itself.  It really is the simple!”  …. Tracey